Tonight at The Rathskeller: Juiceboxxx w/ Extreme Animals & DJ Schwarz


Perhaps there might be no greater feeling than when you hear the kinetic explosion of rap and rock n’roll in your ear space… Your eardrum is left ringing after whats just been thrown at you.

Beastie Boys.

Can you imagine when a naive little thirteen year old hears “Sabotage”for the first time?

I’ll tell you, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. A brief obsession with the Beastie Boys came and slowly went as grunge started protruding my life. Yet some five years later, and I’m still listening to them on this Saturday morning over a cup of earl grey.

The Beastie Boys made a big impact on my, to be cliché, “musical palette.”

I think all I can really blame them for is my worsening hearing?

Well today all I ask you to think about is:

Five seconds.

I ask you to listen to the first five seconds of “Like a Renegade” and please tell me that you don’t wanna hear anymore. I think you will find it horribly difficult as you will be instantly be hit with, as the Onion claims, a “basement of punk passion.”

My favorite song by Juiceboxxx is “Thunder Jam #5” off his I Don’t Wanna Go into The Darkness album. Your head might just “explode” when you “pump up the volume when you press play” 

“We’re all searching for a dream…Just running to the future but we’re running out of steam.”


For more Juiceboxxx…  Check out his WebsiteTwitter, or Facebook.

Come check out a “f***ing living legend” tonight, November 9th, at Der Rathskeller! The riot starts at 9:30 pm with Extreme Animals and & DJ Schwarz opening. And remember, it’s always FREE.  See you there.


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