Friday Night at Der Rathskeller: John Mark Nelson w/ Kalispell

On this day, November 22, throughout history:

-November 22, 1959: my Dad was born.

-November 22, 1963: JFK was assassinated.

-November 22, 2013: John Mark Nelson visits Der Rathskeller.


This 19 year old from Minnesota is “on a role.” He’s young and talented and rising. NPR called him “a teenager with serious talent.” He’s the kind of singer-songwriter that should be playing The Rathskeller (for free) on a Friday night: warm vocals, infectious melodies, and pensive lyrics.

Watch this video of his newest single and picture yourself with a warm cup of coffee (or a cold pitcher of beer), surrounded by a few close friends and maybe some extra schoolwork:

Complementing John mark Nelson this weekend will be Kalispell, an “Appalachian influenced songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.” Kalispell is the solo project of Shane Leonard, and much like John Mark Nelson, his music is comforting and cozy.

The show starts at 9:30 pm and it is in Memorial Union (Der Rathskeller). It is free. For more free live music in both Union South and Memorial Union, check out WUD Music’s calendar.


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