Saturday Night at Der Rathskeller: Bigtree Bonsai w/ Raj Taj, & The Color Pharmacy

“Americana. Alt-country. Vintage rock.”  


Bigtree Bonsai is best known for their “whiskey rock” sound.

“I’ve been starved for music with grit and teeth lately and…Bigtree Bonsai appealed to me right away for that reason. They’re a little country, a little blues, a little stomp-y, but not in a contrived way. I definitely want to check these guys out live.” -Andrea Swenson, Local Current

“Lost My Mind (Lot dah)” is a feel good song that’ll leave you wanting to get up and groove around your living room. And I can promise that it will be playing in your head for rest of the day. After a minute or so into the song you’ll know what I mean.


Another song to check out from their Back to the Start EP  is “Take the Wheel”


Wanna hear more from Bigtree Bonsai? Check out Facebook, Twitter, or their website.

Come check out Bigtree Bonsai, Raj Taj, and The Color Pharmacy at Der Rathskeller on Saturday Night. The show starts at 9:30 and remember, it’s always FREE.  See you there.


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