Here’s a Brief Glimpse of Next Semester’s Concerts

…and we’ve got quite a few shows still in the works. Don’t miss it when we announce them. Join our mailing list today!


1/24- Behind the Beat, 5pm, Rathskeller – Johannes Wallmann Quartet
1/24 – 9:30pm, Rathskeller – Julia Nunes
1/25 – 9:30pm, Rathskeller – Apollo Quad
1/31 – Behind the Beat, 5pm, Rathskeller – Sinister Resonance
1/31 – 9:30pm, Sett – Milo w/ Ian Carroll
1/31- 9:30pm, Rath – Blood Red Boots
2/1 – 9:30pm, Rathskeller – Woodsman
2/7, Behind the Beat, 5pm, Rathskeller – Cork n Bottle
2/7 – 9:30pm, Rathskeller – The Usual Things w/ Lake Avenue
2/7, 9:30pm, Sett – The Chicago Afrobeat Project
2/8, 9:30pm, Rathskeller – Windsor Drive w/ Circus Fires
2/14 – Behind the Beat, 5pm, Rathskeller – The Goodie Two Shoes
2/15, 9:30pm, Sett – Com Truise
2/21- Behind the Beat, 5pm, Rathskeller – The Dairyland Jazz Band
2/21, 9:00pm, Sett – Pat McCurdy
2/21, 9:30pm, Rathskeller – Fort Wilson Riot w/ Xoe Wise
3/7 – Behind the Beat, 5pm, Rathskeller – El Clan Destino
3/28, 9:30pm, Rathsekller – Little Radar w/ Vic and Gab
4/5, 9:30pm, Sett – Typhoon w/ TBA
4/11, 9:30pm, Rathskeller – Seabird w/ Briar Rabbit

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