Comedy Central on Campus Presents: Emily Heller

Who is Emily Heller?

Emily Heller is a stand-up comedian from San Francisco. She’s appeared on Conan and on John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show. She has been named a Comic to Watch by Variety and Comedy Central. She is the creator and star of the Above Average series The Future. She is currently a writer on the FOX comedy Surviving Jack.

And most importantly, she’ll be performing in Madison at Varsity Hall on April 25th. Get your tickets here.

Select Tweets from Emily Heller

  • Stop arresting people for smoking marijuana and start arresting boring people for referring to themselves as “raconteurs”
  • “Lorde’s Latest Selfie Puts It All Out There” is a HuffPo headline I wish I had made up instead of seen
  • I’m a graduate of the School of Soft Knocks (it was my safety school) (I was literally safe there)
  • Hitting “like” on Drake’s Instagram photos like it means something is so zen to me
  • Going on social media at all is basically saying, “I would like to expose myself to more sociopathy and sadism.”


Reviews of Emily Heller (from her website)

    • “A smart, confident set, offering perspective that was distinctly female without being, well, annoying about it.” -Portland Mercury
    • “That’s the smartest five minutes about a mustache ride I’ve ever seen.” -W. Kamau Bell
    • “Last year I got to see the Lance Bangs Presents comedy showcase, so I felt the need to attend again this year, and it did not disappoint. Lance included Emily Heller, who is one of my new favorite comics (I also might want to be her best friend, I don’t know, it’s probably weird for her), and she blew the audience out of the water at the large Bagdad Theater.” -Laughspin

Get your tickets here($13 for students), or click here to RSVP to the event on Facebook.


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