Comedy Central on Campus Presents: Kevin Barnett

Who is Kevin Barnett?

According to his bio, Kevin Barnett is “a cool guy, who doesn’t usually smell, and showers relatively regularly.” However he’s best known for his roles on Comedy Central, College Humor, and MTV2’s The Guy Code.

And most importantly, he’ll be performing in Madison at Varsity Hall on April 25th. Get your tickets here.

(Video NSFW)

Select Tweets from Kevin Barnett

  • I don’t give a fuck about science and the warnings it gives. I’m bout to walk thru these streets with these 3D glasses on lookin fly as fuck
  • Hey look, y’all need to remember boners don’t cost nothin
  • Real niggas listen to Drake and miss their old pets.
  • I got a blt with egg on it and thought I changed the game. I didnt.
  • The dude next to me on this flight is watching ghostbusters and I’ve never thought some one was so selfish for wearing headphones.

Review of Kevin Barnett

  • “Enter New York comedians Jermaine Fowler and Kevin Barnett. In their new series, “Homo Thugs,” they take our idea of stereotypical homophobia and gangsterism, turn it on its head and wring all the closeted bigotry right out of it. Oh, and they do it in a hysterically funny way.”-HuffPost

More Lolz

Get your tickets here($13 for students), or click here to RSVP to the event on Facebook.


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