Typhoon & Tacocat- Saturday 4/5

Saturday at UW-Madison is going to be a good one..

As the badger basketball team advances to the Final 4 Game, campus is going to be buzzing this Saturday.

But what to do before and after the game one might ask…?  Come out to see the two great shows Typhoon and Tacocat!


Typhoon @ The Sett 1:30 pm

Typhoon is an energetic Indie Rock band from Oregon. The huge 11 member band brings intense energy to their shows and their songs are those you can easily sing along to while having a great time.

Typhoon has currently released four Albums. ”White Lighter” and “Hunger and Thirst” are the most recent; both albums have inspiring, and creative tracks. The band has made some big showings lately including an appearance on Late Show With David Letterman, where they performed one of their biggest hits “The Honest Truth”.

The band is currently underway with an expansive tour hitting a wide variety of venues including Lollapalooza, in Chicago. So don’t miss them while they are here in Madison!

If you are looking for some great music, or just something to do before the game, come out and check out Typhoon at 1:30 pm at The Sett. They put on a great show, and will get you fired up for the game!

“…but what am I going to do after the game..?”

Tacocat @ Der Rathskellar:


As described in their bio, Tacocat is “Like a fluorescent-lit snack-aisle oasis in some desolate interstate road stop, brimming with Skittles and limited-edition Sno Balls.” The colorful indie group originates out of Washington and consist of four members, covering the basic rock ‘n roll bases with guitar, bass, and drums. The groups high, light, and catchy songs are reminiscent of bands like the Go Go’s, the Ramones, and Cheerwine.

The foursome quickly found success in the music industry with songs like “Crimson Wave” and “Volcano”. The energizing power-pop makes for not only great songs, but great shows. Currently, the band is on a long tour, playing almost every night.


Tacocat’s “sly, unbashed 90′s revivalsim” has drawn crowds from all over and will definitely bring many to Der Rathskellar after the game Saturday night.

Come out and celebrate the success of the badgers with upbeat, surfy swag Tacocat. You will be smiling ear to ear all night long.


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