Thursday, June 26th at the Memorial Union Terrace: Wild Cub


This Thursday, come down to the Terrace to check out up and coming indie rock band Wild Cub!

Based in Nashville, Tennesse, Wild Cub is comprised of 5 members, led by frontman Keegan DeWitt. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, DeWitt moved to Nashville to focus on music, starting with writing film scores.  In early 2012, he collaborated with Jeremy Bullock, Dabney Morris, Harry West, and Eric Wilson to form Wild Cub. They self-released their debut album Youth in January 2013 and released a deluxe version of the album via Mom+Pop Music in January 2014.

Check out the video for their lead single “Thunder Clatter” here:


With their infectious vocals and catchy guitar riffs, you’ll be singing and dancing along on first listen. The music world has noticed them too. The band toured with Vampire Weekend earlier this year, and if that is not an indication of an up and coming rock band then I do not know what is. In addition, they played Firefly Music Festival this past weekend, further showing their rise as a popular band.

Here is a fairly concise collection of some of their music in a live setting:


Next time they come around Madison, I imagine they will be quite a bit more popular. So why not see them for free at an awesome venue like the Terrace? Once they are big, you can be one of those people who goes “oh yeah, I knew them before they were popular.” That is something we all can enjoy, right?

The show is at 9:30, this Thursday at the Terrace! I hope to see you there!


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