5 Reasons to Check Out Madfork Music Weekend

It is that time of year again. Madfork Music Weekend. What the heck is Madfork, you say? Essentially, we bring some big acts that are routing from Pitchfork to the Terrace. The best part about it? The shows are FREE!

You can see the schedule below. All shows start at 9:30.

Thursday, July 17th: Sharon Van Etten w/ Jana Hunter

Friday, July 18th: Ka w/ Milo

Saturday, July 19th: F. Stokes w/ ANT DaHopeBoy


So, why go? Here’s 5 great reasons:


1. Pitchfork gave an 8.2 to Sharon Van Etten’s 2014 album Are We There (article).

2. Sharon Van Etten has spunk

3. Ka made Pitchfork’s list of honorable mentions for top albums of 2013.

4. Support local music! Although F. Stokes is initially from Chicago, he has spent much of his life in Madison.

5. It is the Terrace! Why would you not be there on the weekend?


As you can see, these artists have some great resumes. So, come down to the Terrace and enjoy some intimate shows with them this weekend!


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