WUD Music’s Official List of Lists: #2

Katy Lang (Sett AD): Top WUD Shows of 2014

As Tori said, it’s pretty much mandatory for every music blog to do a Top Ten list for just about everything imaginable, and we will not be caught slacking. I chose to write my list on the Top WUD Shows of 2014 because I think we’re pretty fan-freakin’-tastic and need to brag about all the awesome stuff we’ve done one more time before the year ends.

Listed below you will find (some of) the best music performances The Wisconsin Union had to offer this year. The following 10 (13 actually, whoops) shows were included because they satisfied at least one of the following criteria:

  • I went to this show and I danced. A lot.
  • I went to this show and I yammered nonstop about it to everyone I met for at least two weeks following the event.
  • The audience for this show rocked.
  • My fellow WUDdies loved this show.
  • I heard randos talking about this show in lecture halls, the library, Walgreens, etc.
  • I did not go to this show and I regretted it for quite some time afterward.
  • This show made me so incredibly proud of what WUD Music does I smiled like a lunatic/shed a tear.

So, behold, the official Top Ten Thirteen WUD Shows of 2014*.

  1. Denzel Curry and Deniro Farrar
  2. Asgeir
  3. Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers
  4. Vinyl Theatre & The Millenium
  5. Astronautalis
  6. Typhoon
  7. The Mowglis
  8. Betty Who
  9. Dizzy Wright
  10. San Fermin
  11. Caroline Smith
  12. Sharon Van Etten
  13. Joywave


*Listed in no particular order


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