REVIEW: Misterwives – Our Own House

Misterwives has had the right sound to burst out into the indie-pop scene ever since releasing their EP back in January 2014. I could not get enough of “Reflections” after I heard it. It captured the power and emotion that music is all about. The entire EP, titled Reflections, had a similar spunk to it. It was incredibly refreshing music, but at the same time it would be a challenge for Misterwives to successfully follow up the EP with a full length album that carried the same energy.

Fortunately, Our Own House took the energy of Reflections to another level. The first track “Our Own House,” rivals “Reflections” in terms of vocals and energy to set the album in the right direction. The next track “Not Your Way” continues with that energy and themes of independence and feminism, which is awesome to hear. Especially for an album that I believe can hit the mainstream, these kinds of themes are not voiced enough in music. After “Reflections,” the album slows down a bit, but it does so in the best way possible through “Oceans.” These first four tracks effectively set up a flow for the record to follow. “Our Own House” captures your attention immediately, and afterwards you won’t be able to stop listening.

Not only do the “slower” tracks on the record allow for it to flow, but they also create a time to allow Mandy Lee’s jaw-dropping vocals to really shine. The energy and passion of her voice brings the album together effectively. Listen to “Coffins” or “Queens” to really see this in action. She finds a way to bend her vocals in a different way for each track, and somehow they are all beyond catchy. I apologize in advance for your inability to get these songs out of your head.

If it is not clear by now, Our Own House does indie-pop incredibly well. This style of music is gaining quite a bit of traction now, and it will be interesting to see how Misterwives will follow up with their next record. They have shown an ability to be catchy, while also varying each track up and allowing the record to flow. In short, Our Own House will be tough to top.

5 Words to Describe Misterwives’ Our Own House: Refreshing. Spunky. Energetic. Accessible. Entertaining.

Must-listens for Misterwives newbies: “Our Own House,” “Reflections,” “No Need for Dreaming”

My completely arbitrary score for Misterwives’ Our Own House: 8/10


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