So It Begins: WUD Goes to Austin

I feel like a proud parent, or that king elf from Lord of the Rings. But I am happy to say that the posse from WUD Music is off and running to Austin for SXSW 2010. There are 9 people from the committee going this year and the legend himself is creeping the streets of Austin, yup Trubes is there. There are sure to be some stories coming back from the trip.

The crew is just outside St. Louis as I write this and they have a long night of driving ahead of them. But soon enough the adventures start.

Check back here every day as they will be updating you on the good and the bad at SXSW this year. If you can’t hold your excitement back search #wudsxsw on Twitter for constant updates.

As for now I wish the posse in the UW Fleet Vehicle somewhere in the middle of the nation: godspeed. Back to my academic pursuits.

–matt forrest


Digging in the Crates

Just found this old gem in the ‘crates’ of my iTunes today from one of the more interesting hip-hop groups to emerge out of the early 2000s – Handsome Boy Modeling School

First off – great name. It’s creative. It’s classy. And it made fun of all other rappers during this time. Unfortunately they haven’t done much since 5 years ago. They should though.

Second – it made me rediscover how much better Ocean’s Eleven is than the rest of the Ocean’s movies (unless you are in a European mood then Twelve hits the spot). Yes if you recognize the song that is where it’s from. The scene with Rusty – who eats in next to every scene through out the series – is sitting at the bar with ‘dancers’ behind glass.

If that doesn’t sell it then maybe this will. Quite possibly the greatest title for any hip-hop album ever:

Cheers and keep it classy.

The Projects aka PJays – Handsome Boy Modeling School

If It Wasn’t for You – Handsome Boy Modeling School w/ De La Soul

–matt forrest

Some Fun Cartel Love

Our buddies The Fun Cartel have sent us some music for you all to enjoy. The first mix is from El Guapo which contains a segment of his set from the Steve Aoki show – check out the pictures from the night on the Fun Cartel’s blog. It roars like a lion.

12 Dec Mix – El Guapo

The next is a compilation of winter themed bangers to warm your heart. Somewhere on the westside of Chicago El Guapo is enjoying this mix with a warm cup of Sparks which will warm any soul. Enjoy.

‘Hollerday’ – Matt Forrest

Track Listing:

Warm Heart of Africa (Architecture in Helsinki Remix) – The Very Best
xR2 – MIA
Dance No More (Monkey Safari Remix) – Ed. ORable w/ Spoek
Youth Speed Trouble Cigarettes (Reset! Trouble Remix) – Cassius
Bulletproof (FAMUEL Remix) – La Roux
On The Floor – Louis La Roche
Everybody Wants – Green Velvet w/ Kid Sister
Coconut – French Fries
Freshman – Hollywood Holt
Grifter – Calvertron + Itchy Feet
Feel the Bass – The RadioAktives
ANYway – Duck Sauce
Gay Dentists (JFK Edit) – Mr. Ozio
Love Song – Tim Dolla
Woo Hah – DJ Sega
Pon de Floor (Elmo is Dead Remix) – Major Lazer
Sleepyhead – Passion Pit

Video: “Right Hand Hi” – Kid Sister

If you haven’t heard Kid Sis’ Ultraviolet yet check it out. Many of the songs on there you have probably heard (remind you of The Bake Sale?) but there are some new ones that are well worth the price. Melissa will be here in Madison for Ten: The NYE All Night Party brought to you by True Endeavors. Should be the ish.


– matt forrest


Get at it here. Universal Music Inc. is being a cranky old rich asshole and not letting us post videos. ❤