This Saturday: Revelry Music and Arts Festival!

With Coachella out of the way, festival season is officially now in full bloom. So, why not kick off your summer with UW Madison’s own premiere music and arts festival–Revelry!


So why should you go? With five days remaining till the event, here are five reasons why:

1. You’re already a fan of the free shows WUD Music puts on every weekend in the Sett and Rathskeller. But do you realize that Revelry doesn’t last a mere three hours but rather is a rockin’ all-day-and-all-night festival?!**

*12:00PM-10:00PM to be precise

**Who says the party stops at 10? It’s Saturday night people!

2.  Dillon Francis. Waka Flocka Flame. Sky Ferreira. And a sh*t ton of other cool people:


3… And if you have no idea who any of those people are, you should definitely come because you’ll discover new music! Not to mention you’ll gain some street cred with all the hipsters in your bio class

4.  You’re broke or your friends are too cheap? Student tickets are $5. You paid $250 for Lollapalooza. Do I need to haggle you more?!


5. If you really need a better reason, then think about how epic it is spending the entire day parting with your fellow badgers?! Food, Music, Drinks, and Art?!

*5.5 And for those of you worried about the chance of rain on Saturday, all I have to say is: 1. It’s April.. 2. Put on your wellies and rain slickers and pretend like you’re at Britain’s coolest festival, Glastonbury (where it rains like every freaking year).

935644_546344705409233_303141046_nWe’ll see you kids this Saturday at Revelry! Get ready to “revel on their level.” More info can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and their site.




Friday at The Sett: The Mowgli’s!

Everyone!!! EVERYONE!! The Mowgli’s will be playing at the Sett on Friday night!


If by chance the Mowgli’s have slipped under your radar, it’s okay, keep reading! Because I promise you that in about 3 minutes you will be singing, dancing and “feeling the love.”

The Mowgli’s are a 7 piece band from California who are inspired by “the magnetism of San Francisco, the grind of Los Angeles and the serenity of the Big Sur Coast.”

Their biggest hit is “San Francisco,” which reached #11 on Billboard’s alternative chart last year. I don’t think I have ever heard a happier song on the alt charts (in my 18 years at least)… “San Francisco” is one giant explosion of soul. It radiates so much positivity, it makes you just want to jump on top of the couch and scream ” You Feel the Love? I FEEL THE LOVE!”


After witnessing them bring their joyous revival of rock n’ roll to Austin City Limits Music Festival last October and their crazy costume studded set a few weeks later at Walk the Moon’s Halloween show (Barrymore), I honestly cannot wait to see what they bring to the Sett this Friday!

Grab your dancing shoes and round up the gang! We’ll see you at the Sett at Union South, 9:30 PM this Friday. (and if you see the crazy, blonde dancing and fangirling upfront, that’ll be me, say Hi!)

Want to hear more of the Mowgli’s?! Check out their Facebook and Website

It’s difficult to put a price tag on live music so we don’t. Want more WUD music news and upcoming shows? Then sign up for our email list! 

Friday at Der Rathskeller: Nathaniel Rateliff

Nathaniel Rateliff is a singer songwriter from Denver with a heavy heart for folk music. When listening to him you can hear parallels and reflections on his youth coming out in the music. His acoustic sound has influences of southern gospel along with old school country twang. Some have praised him for his “stark, eloquent [Johnny] Cash echoes” in a few of his weary, minimalistic songs.

Nathaniel-Rateliff-main “Nothing to Show For” is one my favorites. It sounds like it could be something from Mumford & Co. as the beat drives faster and faster ahead with the shuffling guitar strums.

Want to hear more of Nathaniel Rateliff before Friday night? Than check out his website, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Facebook.

Nathaniel Rateliff will be playing Friday night at Der Rathskeller in Memorial Union. Show starts at 9:30 with Caroline Rose opening.

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Friday Night: Fort Wilson Riot @ The Rathskeller

“Fort Wilson Riot are an energy that grabs a hold of you and takes you on a journey.”


Fort Wilson Riot is from Minneapolis and have played “clubs, bars, living rooms, and festivals across the country.”

Their sound melts the tender and the tough sides of the indie genre and turns it into a glowing, melodic tale The band is backed up by guitars, synths, and electronic drums which makes way for a perfect dancing beat. They’ll have you dreaming of late nights, dark clubs, a slow disco.

Check out their song, “For All the Little Things” By the third listen, I promise you will be dancing barefoot around your apartment with your hands up in the air as you’re grooving to the dreamy beat.

“Love Song for Mabee Burlingham” is another fantastic one. It’s got some great riffs mixed with tambourines and harmonicas. It sounds like a folk song that tried to be pop… or maybe it’s a pop song that tried to be folk… I guess there is no proper way to label it, it’s just Fort Wilson Riot. Enjoy!

Hooked yet? Well good news, Fort Wilson Riot will be rocking up the Rathskeller on Friday Night at 9:30 PM. For more info on the check out their website, Twitter, or Facebook. See you there!

It’s difficult to put a price tag on live music so we don’t. Want more music news? Sign Up for our email list! 

Saturday Night at Der Rathskeller: Bigtree Bonsai w/ Raj Taj, & The Color Pharmacy

“Americana. Alt-country. Vintage rock.”  


Bigtree Bonsai is best known for their “whiskey rock” sound.

“I’ve been starved for music with grit and teeth lately and…Bigtree Bonsai appealed to me right away for that reason. They’re a little country, a little blues, a little stomp-y, but not in a contrived way. I definitely want to check these guys out live.” -Andrea Swenson, Local Current

“Lost My Mind (Lot dah)” is a feel good song that’ll leave you wanting to get up and groove around your living room. And I can promise that it will be playing in your head for rest of the day. After a minute or so into the song you’ll know what I mean.


Another song to check out from their Back to the Start EP  is “Take the Wheel”


Wanna hear more from Bigtree Bonsai? Check out Facebook, Twitter, or their website.

Come check out Bigtree Bonsai, Raj Taj, and The Color Pharmacy at Der Rathskeller on Saturday Night. The show starts at 9:30 and remember, it’s always FREE.  See you there.

Tonight at The Rathskeller: Juiceboxxx w/ Extreme Animals & DJ Schwarz


Perhaps there might be no greater feeling than when you hear the kinetic explosion of rap and rock n’roll in your ear space… Your eardrum is left ringing after whats just been thrown at you.

Beastie Boys.

Can you imagine when a naive little thirteen year old hears “Sabotage”for the first time?

I’ll tell you, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. A brief obsession with the Beastie Boys came and slowly went as grunge started protruding my life. Yet some five years later, and I’m still listening to them on this Saturday morning over a cup of earl grey.

The Beastie Boys made a big impact on my, to be cliché, “musical palette.”

I think all I can really blame them for is my worsening hearing?

Well today all I ask you to think about is:

Five seconds.

I ask you to listen to the first five seconds of “Like a Renegade” and please tell me that you don’t wanna hear anymore. I think you will find it horribly difficult as you will be instantly be hit with, as the Onion claims, a “basement of punk passion.”

My favorite song by Juiceboxxx is “Thunder Jam #5” off his I Don’t Wanna Go into The Darkness album. Your head might just “explode” when you “pump up the volume when you press play” 

“We’re all searching for a dream…Just running to the future but we’re running out of steam.”


For more Juiceboxxx…  Check out his WebsiteTwitter, or Facebook.

Come check out a “f***ing living legend” tonight, November 9th, at Der Rathskeller! The riot starts at 9:30 pm with Extreme Animals and & DJ Schwarz opening. And remember, it’s always FREE.  See you there.

Thursday Night at the Rathskeller: Yellow Ostrich w/ Lover’s Spit

“I knew the dreams were for the best of us” 


Twisting rhythms, boyish vocals, and lyrics of lonesomeness and adolescence make up the unique sounds of Yellow Ostrich. Their music has a laid back and light feel to it. Yet sometimes you can hear a bit of pop trying to reach out through the calm sound.  They have a sort of contradictory feel to their music which makes it all the more intriguing. If you check out their lyrics some are quite dark… Here’s from Marathon Runner:

“So take my trash

Just take my earthly life

I’ll try to cry

I will live without the things I love the best

So hold them to your chest

I lose my face

Just lose my stolen wigs

The heads of kings

I run until I know what to believe”

Yet when you listen to the song you are instantly hit with waves of light hearted and cool, refreshing sounds. Check it out below!

Also listen to one of their newer songs called “Ghost” and you’ll feel a sense of nostalgia for the classic soul of “indie rock.” 


Start your weekend off early by hitting up some free live music at Der Rathskeller this Thursday night at 9:30 pm. Be There!