Kimya Dawson with Adelyn Rose at the Sett, Friday

Kimya Dawson is “on the road again” and headed for the Sett this Friday along with Eau Claire’s very own Adelyn Rose. Grammy-winning and platinum-selling singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson rose to popularity with her work in the anti-folk band The Moldy Peaches. Dawson’s songs are also featured in Jason Reitman’s film Juno (the cute one with Ellen Page and Michael Cera). Her music served as the perfect backdrop to this romantic indie-dramedy.

In addition to all of this, Dawson has released six solo albums, one of which is for children, Alphabutt (hehe). Her latest, Thunder Thighs (also hehe), was released in October. She has done numerous collaborations with artists such as Third Eye Blind, Regina Spektor, and Aesop Rock. Dawson may look hardcore with her many tattoos and facial piercings, but the music she makes reveals her whimsical yet profound nature. Singing about “making music with [her] friends” and “motors homes with golden keys,” we see ease and even quirkiness in Dawson’s list-like lyrics. However, there is undoubtedly an underlying sincerity and truth to her words. Her performance promises to be just the same: honest and sincere, playful and heartfelt. That being said, this is definitely a show you won’t want to miss.

Playing alongside Kimya Dawson at the Sett this Friday is Eau Claire’s own Adelyn Rose. Adelyn Rose’s debut full-length Mezzanine was released independently earlier this month, showing signs of the band’s budding success. Tracks like “Willow Tree” and “Time Stands Still” reveal the uncorrupted ease of Adelyn Strei’s vocals. The band as a whole is nothing short of sophisticated melodic unity. With influences like Iron and Wine, Fleet Foxes, and Cat Stevens, Adelyn Rose’s music can best be described as indie-infused folk with dreamlike undertones. Already refined and charming, Adelyn Rose is sure to keep your ears lingering for more… So come out to the Sett this Friday and experience this up-and-coming Wisconsin band (and Kimya Dawson, of course!).

Check out the super-fun and colorful dance-themed video for Kimya Dawson’s “I Like Giants.”

Just Announced: Kimya Dawson

Kimya Dawson. Whether you know the anti-folk star for her work with the Moldy Peaches, her seven solo LP’s, her songs on the Grammy-award winning soundtrack from 2007’s hit flick Juno, or her plethora of other endeavors and collaborations, you know her. On April 20th she’ll be in the building (Union South, that is), as she tours in support of her latest album, October’s Thunder Thighs. Amongst appearances by members of The Strokes, Aesop Rock, and The Mountain Goats, Thunder Thighs also features Kimya’s five-year-old daughter, Panda, which is freaking adorable.

Check out Kimya Dawson in the Sett on April 20th at 9 p.m. in a FREE unticketed show. Let us know you’re coming on the Facebook event. Have a look below to watch Kimya playing “All I Could Do,” the opening track from Thunder Thighs, to chickens.