Justin Vernon IS NOT from MN

If you read about my shame spiral earlier in the week, shame spiral no more my friends. However, I did spend another sleepless night writing a TV criticism paper. This also happens to be the week I discovered I picked the wrong major.

Anyway, despite the sleeplessness and some other somber events this week, I’m grateful it’s Friday and I’m here to enjoy it and wanted to share some happiness with you too.

  • Thought Catalog. If you’ve never read it before it provides comic relief and mutual understanding for stressed, dysfunctional 20 somethings. When you read it you actually LOLZ because you totes relate to what they’re talking about. Good reads this week include: 10 Things 90s Kids Will Have To Explain To Their Children, What’s Happening To My Body? Book For Girls, and The Unfit For Social Interaction Generation.
  • Just discovered Fraggle Rock is on Netflix Instant Play and Clone High is on Project Free TV- Nostalgia BOMB
  • Franzia in a can? I’m pretty sure my friend lied to me on this one. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  • BON IVER! Uploaded simply breathtaking videos on YouTube to accompany the songs on the self titled album. Hollywood Reporter BTW inaccurately cited JV as being from MN. What’s up with that doods?!! ;{D


This Saturday in Der Rathskeller: Memoryhouse

Picture from Pitchfork

Come see Memoryhouse, The Loom and Cat Martino this Saturday in the Der Rathskeller at 9:30 PM!

Memoryhouse, a dreampop ensamble from Sub Pop Records, is currently in the final stages of production for their first LP after a September release of a fully re-recorded, remixed and re-mastered version of their EP, The Years. If you haven’t yet, check out the dreamy sound of Memoryhouse in the video below.

The show will kick off with indie-folk songstress Cat Martino, who has opened for the likes of Rufus Wainwright, RIDE frontman Mark Gardener, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and more.

Yr Not Alone – Cat Martino 

Following, WUD Music is proud to bring the Brooklyn-based indie-rock band, The Loom to Madison. NPR‘s World Cafe assures us that they’re sure to put on an “electrifying onstage performance that combines lots of instruments and lots of chemistry, and now lots of buzz as well,” according to an article released just this month. Check out their sound below:

See you Saturday!

Next Monday:Twin Sister

Today pop/indie/chill rockers Twin Sister released In Heaven, their first full length album on Domino Records. It just recently got a great review from the New York Times saying, “it goes deep, taking its time with tempos and moving harmonies, adding string arrangements and thoroughly investigating the beauty of clean guitar tones.” We can’t wait to have them next Monday for what promises to be a fun, magical night of music.

Listen and download Bad Street via soundcloud and check out the show October 3rd 9pm at Union South.