TRAP SHOW IN THE PLAY CIRCLE – DJ Sidereal w/ Soundkill3r and Zendro

Do you like hard-hitting, loud, bass-in-your-face trap and hip-hop? Then don’t miss out on this Saturday’s show in the Play Circle Theater! This weekend we have DJ Sidereal along with Soundkill3r and Zendro playing a FREE trap show that’s sure to get the whole building crackin’.

At just 18 years old, Minnesota native DJ Sidereal is taking the world of hip-hop by storm. Having survived brain surgery at the age of 11, Sidereal turned to his passion for music and has been relentlessly pursuing his dreams ever since. Opening for rappers Macklemore, B.o.B, Mike Stud, G-Eazy, Waka Flocka Flame and many more has earned him a reputation as one of hip-hop’s most exciting DJs to watch. Sidereal brings a wild energy to every single show; known for crowdsurfing, confetti cannons and spraying champagne on stage. Playing at every major venue in his home town of Minneapolis has given Sidereal the chance to prove himself as a top-notch performer, earning him a spot on the Paid Dues tour and at Rock The Bells in 2012 in San Bernadino, CA. This exposure has earned him sponsorships from both G-Pen and Young & Reckless, along with the release of his clothing line and a number of hit singles that have reached the top 20 on the indie hip-hop charts. Check out his new mini-film about his journey from Tragedy to Triumph:



Don’t forget to arrive at 8pm to catch Soundkill3r and Zendro! Both student artists here at UW, these DJs are bringing their A-game along with sets full of hard-hitting trap to get the crowd turnt up. Soundkill3r has been producing electronic music since his teenage years, earning him opening slots at Segredo for artists like Cedric Gervais as well as a headlining his own club shows. He’s known for expertly mixing various genres of EDM, crafting sets that get crowds off their feet and lost in the music. You don’t want to miss Soundkill3rs live show this weekend! Head over to his facebook page and hit that like button!



Zendro will be getting the night started with a set full of heavy trap beats that would make Gucci Mane quiver in fear. Also a student at UW, Zendro has been honing his production skills for a number of years. If you like heavy bass and trap, get to the show at 8pm to catch Zendro! Check out his page here:




Saturday, November 15th from 8-11:30pm

DJ Sidereal with Special Guests Soundkill3r and Zendro

Located in the Frederic March Play Circle Theater on the second floor of Memorial Union



Just Announced: Life happens before and after spring break


Hopefully everyone was able to breath a sigh of relief after their end-of February midterms, and for those of you with midterms in the near future, may you study long and prosper.

It is getting towards that time though where everyone just pushes through these last few weeks of March before their much-anticipated spring break. But did you know that you can find insane entertainment before AND after spring break?

WUD Music knew. We’ve always known and just for the enjoyment of students all around campus, we announce these sick shows below:

3/15  RAGELIFE w/ CRASHprez + Lord of the Fly- Memorial Union: Der Rathskeller

4/12 Behind the Beat: John Christensen Jazz Quartet- Memorial Union: Der Rathskeller 

4/13  Deastro w/ Lord Scrummage: Memorial Union: Der Rathskeller 

4/19  Purling Hiss w/ Claps + Spires That in the Sunset Rise- Memorial Union: Der Rathskeller 

4/26  Heavy Times w/ Pleasure Leftists + Dharma dogs- Memorial Union: Der Rathskeller 

4/26 Behind the Beat: Green Means Go- Memorial Union: Der Rathskeller 

5/3 Behind the Beat: Unnecessary Bells- Memorial Union: Der Rathskeller 

Saturday in Great Hall: Ra Ra Riot with Pacific Air


I had the great fortune of coming across Ra Ra Riot through a Spotify advertisement about a year and a half ago. After listening to their 2010 album The Orchard, I was immediately drawn in. Their arrangements of a standard band’s instruments along with a violin and cello create a sound that should not be missed.

Formed in 2006 at Syracuse University, Ra Ra Riot’s high-energy campus performances quickly drew the attention of the indie music scene. The band was signed to Barsuk Records in 2008, whom they have produced all three of their albums under.

Even though Ra Ra Riot is relatively young in terms of their work, their newest album Beta Love indicates a change in the band’s sound from previous years. This change was most likely influenced by the departure of cellist Alexandra Lawn, but the music doesn’t skip a beat because of it. The album (which can be streamed here, complete with unique music visualizer) is filled with significantly more electronic and synth sounds, but still meshes well with Wes Miles’s soothing falsetto’s and the now more occasional but welcomed violin stylings of member Rebecca Zeller. It will be interesting to see if the band is able (or willing) to perform any of their songs from The Orchard, given the new dynamic they have immersed themselves in.

Accompanying Ra Ra Riot on stage will be Pacific Air, (formerly KO KO) an indie pop duo consisting of brothers Taylor and Ryan Lawhon. Signed to Republic Records in 2012, they have since released a four song EP titled Long Live KO KO. In addition, the music video for their song “Float” dropped on February 26th, and definitely shows promise for the duo’s future. 

The show starts at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 2nd in the Great Hall in Memorial Union. The doors open at 8:00 p.m., but I hope to see you there earlier to be front and center for this great indie show.

Just Announced: Pat McCurdy


“Sex and beer.” Pat McCurdy’s signature song. A man that has been traveling from stage to stage over the past 30 years, has certainly made an impression on his loyal fans and new members in the crowd. Known for his song covers and the unique interaction he has with any crowd, Pat McCurdy will once again perform on our stage this spring.

4/13/13  Pat McCurdy- Union South: The Sett

MODA Magazine Fashion Showcase: BBU and DJ DiOx

As magnificent MODA garments make their way down the runway, your feet will be itching to dance because of the beats DJ DiOx will be dropping at the fashion show this Friday at The Sett. And afterwards, to continue the night, the anticipated BBU will then give those feet the chance to actually dance with head-nodding, arm-dropping songs.

Originating from Chicago, members Epic, Illekt, Jason Perez, and DJ Esquire have begun to capture everyone’s attention with their hip-hop and “people’s movement” tracks. Songs like “Chi Don’t Dance” and “I Do This For My Culture” emphasize the importance of a community and a connected culture through lyrical messages. In 2009, “Chi Don’t Dance”was named by Pitchfork one of the “Best New Tracks.”

It is not hard to enjoy the songs created by these artists, in fact it’s quite easy. Quoted from Audible Treats Ltd., DJ Esquire says, “it’s all about spreading a positive energy,” to which Jason Perez adds “making a connection to the culture, to the movement.” Their inspirations come from artists such as M.I.A., Dead Prez, and Bad Brains. bell hooks, the band’s second mix-tape, was released in February 2012 and received a 7.8 from the tough Pitchfork critics. Not bad, BBU.

And although their main objective is to get their message across, making sure the crowd is doing what they do best – dancing it up – is also a huge concern. Be a part of that crowd and witness BBU’s talented and unique presence on stage this Friday in conclusion of the MODA Fashion show. It’s one you do not want to miss.

Download “Beau_Si” from BBU’s bell hooks  

BBU & DJ Diox at MODA Runway Show

This Friday, join WUD Music and MODA Magazine for a night of fashion at UW Fashion Week’s finale event: the UW Runway Show in the Sett, cosponsored by WUD Music. The show begins at 8 PM but be sure to come early for upfront seating and red carpet photos with friends. Chicago’s BBU and UW Madison’s very own DJ Diox will be the show’s entertainment. DJ Diox will be performing the fashion show and BBU, describing themselves as a “loosely organized group of high-flying hooligans united under the common goal of world liberation,” will wrap up the evening with a high-energy DJ/rap combo. Check out a sample from BBU below. It’s sure to be a great time, and be sure to stick around for DTF after the show if you haven’t had enough fun for the evening!

This Friday: Doomtree w/ Milo at the Sett, 9 p.m.


It stands for “Team The Best Team,” a track off Doomtree’s second studio album, No Kings, and the band’s unofficial motto. It’s well-founded, as Twin Cities-based Doomtree’s dedication and talent has led them to become arguably the Midwest’s most successful rap collective. Individually, emcees Cecil Otter, Dessa, Mike Mictlan, P.O.S, and Sims, along with producers Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger, have all put out numerous successful albums. Together they form a supergroup of enormously talented minds, beats, and voices that has collaborated for more than a decade of innovative and unique hip-hop.

This has never been more evident that with No Kings, which further separates the group from cookie-cutter rap acts. Don’t get me wrong – you can still bump to it – but the usual subjects of top 40 rap songs are replaced with declarations of unity, evidence of their drive and limitless vision, and clever wordplay, hooks, and punk-tinged production. And as Midwesterners, you can find numerous references to your home-region that make you feel like one of the team (especially if you’re from “Minnesnowta”).

See “Team The Best Team” in action on Friday, March 9th in The Sett. Though you usually have to pay a pretty price to see the best teams in action, you can be in the crowd for this one without even taking out your wallet. That’s right, it’s free. On top of that, Wisconsin-via-Chicago rapper Milo will get us started at 9 p.m., whose quick, pop culture-dominated, beat poet-style rhymes will make you dizzy. Wait, there’s more! Stick around after the show for the DTF (Dance This Friday) Doomtree Afterparty, where producers Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger will spin the tracks.

Don’t miss your chance to see Midwest hip-hop’s best in action. Check out videos from Doomtree and Milo below, download Doomtree’s song “The Grand Experiment” and head to our Facebook to share our post with the link to this story to automatically be entered in a drawing for a signed Doomtree poster. The winner will be chosen and notified on Friday. Good luck, and see you at The Sett on Friday at 9!

Download “The Grand Experiment” by Doomtree