This Friday: Doomtree w/ Milo at the Sett, 9 p.m.


It stands for “Team The Best Team,” a track off Doomtree’s second studio album, No Kings, and the band’s unofficial motto. It’s well-founded, as Twin Cities-based Doomtree’s dedication and talent has led them to become arguably the Midwest’s most successful rap collective. Individually, emcees Cecil Otter, Dessa, Mike Mictlan, P.O.S, and Sims, along with producers Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger, have all put out numerous successful albums. Together they form a supergroup of enormously talented minds, beats, and voices that has collaborated for more than a decade of innovative and unique hip-hop.

This has never been more evident that with No Kings, which further separates the group from cookie-cutter rap acts. Don’t get me wrong – you can still bump to it – but the usual subjects of top 40 rap songs are replaced with declarations of unity, evidence of their drive and limitless vision, and clever wordplay, hooks, and punk-tinged production. And as Midwesterners, you can find numerous references to your home-region that make you feel like one of the team (especially if you’re from “Minnesnowta”).

See “Team The Best Team” in action on Friday, March 9th in The Sett. Though you usually have to pay a pretty price to see the best teams in action, you can be in the crowd for this one without even taking out your wallet. That’s right, it’s free. On top of that, Wisconsin-via-Chicago rapper Milo will get us started at 9 p.m., whose quick, pop culture-dominated, beat poet-style rhymes will make you dizzy. Wait, there’s more! Stick around after the show for the DTF (Dance This Friday) Doomtree Afterparty, where producers Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger will spin the tracks.

Don’t miss your chance to see Midwest hip-hop’s best in action. Check out videos from Doomtree and Milo below, download Doomtree’s song “The Grand Experiment” and head to our Facebook to share our post with the link to this story to automatically be entered in a drawing for a signed Doomtree poster. The winner will be chosen and notified on Friday. Good luck, and see you at The Sett on Friday at 9!

Download “The Grand Experiment” by Doomtree

The Weekend in Photos

Other than a picture of the band, what image pretty much sums up Steez’s sound? The above picture of people hula-hooping at Steez’s Friday concert, part of our Dance This Friday (affectionately known as “DTF”) series. The show was so electric that it drained the energy from my batteries, causing me to only get a few pics. Those are joined by pictures of Trapper Schoepp & The Shades, taken by Brandon Clementi at Der Rathskeller on Friday. We’re kind of sparse this week – do you have any pics from this weekend’s shows? Send them to and we’ll add them!

DTF: Steez this Friday

Steez, by definition, means style with ease. Is there a better way to describe Madison’s very own self-defined Creepfunk band? I think not. Steez started up in 2003 and consists of five members: Matt Williams (keyboards/ synthesizers/ accordion), Steve Neary (guitar and vocals), Rob Bessert (drums), Chris Sell (bass), and Andrzej Benkowski (sax, oboe, and violion). Over the past few years, the band has gained national recognition, having performed at some of the finest music festivals in the country, such as Summer Camp, Summerfest, Electric Forest, and we can’t forget Mifflin last spring, where they played a most excellent cover of Madonna’s Like a Prayer (now that’s pretty steezy!). If you haven’t had a chance to hear them play yet, the quintet is a combination jam-dance-funk band (with a twang of something unearthly) that bleeds both personality and originality… So, they’re pretty much nothing short of mind-blowing.

Oh, and guess what? In an effort to spread their lovely music to the masses, the band is touring the Midwest this winter and spring in their exquisite bus “Big Brown” (you can’t miss it) and is offering free electronic copies of their albums released this year, including KRONOS- their first new album in three years- due in the spring.

So, come check them out in our DTF (Dance This Friday) series at midnight at Union South fo’ free, because opportunities like this are just too good to pass up!

Download a live version of Steez’s “Duderfunk” below as a preview of what you’re in for tomorrow!

Download Steez’s “Duderfunk (live)”