Wook on the Terrace Tonight!

Madison’s Wook will jam on the Terrace tonight for your viewing and listening pleasure at 9:30. This up and coming local band with members in their early twenties is progressing into a deliciously groovy ensemble that won’t remain “local” for long.

Performing at festivals such as Summer Camp and Grateful Garcia Gathering, Wook is instilling their music in the minds of jam lovers throughout the nation. Displaying a wide array of music such as dance, electronic and of course, jam, Wook combines independent genres to form a fresh, new kind of monumental sound. Though without any studio releases, the band has an extensive number of tracks available for download over at their Soundcloud, so check that out. Both chill and danceable, Wook is sure to light up the Terrace with a jammin’ performance, so swing by!

Check out Wook rocking Summer Camp Music Festival below.