Summer Terrace Lineup Announcement!

Terrace After Dark

Yes, the rumors are true, it’s finally that time of year again. May 7th is truly the most wonderful day on the calendar because (drumroll please)

…our lineup for the entire summer has been released! We have some incredible fun ready for you on the shores of our beautiful Lake Mendota between the months of May and August. Check out all of our concerts (along with all the Lakeside Cinema movies and other special events) at, for more detailed descriptions, times, contact information, band websites, and more. This website will become your go-to resource for all things “Terrace”.

As always, WUD Music will feature a weekly Open Mic Night, Wednesday nights from 7:45-11 PM. Singing, instrument playing, Comedy, poetry all welcome. No house instruments provided, backing tracks can be accommodated.

We will also be bringing back our much-loved Thursday Bluegrass Series, taking place from 5-7 PM. 

Our Friday “happy hour” series, Behind the Beat, will also continue as it has all school year, continuing to happen from 5-7 PM

And we have some INCREDIBLE headlining acts coming through, bringing you live music from 9:30-Midnight on every single Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Get pumped, you guys. It’s going to be another great summer.

Check out our band listing below: 

Fri 5/16/14 Behind the Beat: Tritonics

Fri 5/16/14 16 Candles (Graduation Weekend Dance Party)

Sat 5/17/14 V05 (Graduation Weekend Dance Party)
(two sets)

Fri 5/23/14 Behind the Beat: John Widdicombe Blues Band Combo

Fri 5/23/14 Handphibians

Sat 5/24/14 Jeffrey Broussard

Thurs 5/29/14 Kishi Bashi w/ Busman’s Holiday

Fri 5/30/14 Behind the Beat: The Firebirds

Fri 5/30/14 Swearin’

Sat 5/31/14 Trinidad Tripoli Steel Drum Band

Thurs 6/5/14 Bluegrass Series: Sparetime

Thurs 6/5/14 Brett Newski w/ Pete Donnelly

Fri 6/6/14 Behind the Beat: Drobka/Hastil/Christensen Trio

Fri 6/6/14 JR Donato w/ L.E.X.

Sat 6/7/14 Kikeh Mato w/ Limanya Drum and Dance Ensemble

Thurs 6/12/14 Bluegrass Series: tba

Thurs 6/12/14 Betty Who

Fri 6/13/14 Behind The Beat: The Sundogs

Fri 6/13/14 lazydeadpoet

Sat 6/14/14 The Whiskey Farm w/ Whitney Mann

Thurs 6/19/14 Bluegrass Series: tba

Thurs 6/19/14 Haley Bonar

Fri 6/20/14 Isthmus Jazz Fest (All Day)

Sat 6/21/14 Isthmus Jazz Fest (All Day)

Thurs 6/26/14 Bluegrass Series: Mad Pole Cats

Thurs 6/26/14 Wild Cub w/ Escondido

Fri 6/27/14 Behind the Beat: Little Margie’s Soul Band

Fri 6/27/14 Natty Nation

Sat 6/28/14 Roots Collective

Thurs 7/3/14 Bluegrass Series: Eric Lambert and Friends

Thurs 7/3/14 Carsie Blanton w/ Briar Rabbit

Fri 7/4/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 7/4/14 Hometown Sweethearts

Sat 7/5/14 Gabe Burdulis w/ Sexy Ester & Beth Kille

Thurs 7/10/14 Bluegrass Series: Sortin’ The Mail

Thurs 7/10/14 tba

Fri 7/11/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 7/11/14 Big Leg Emma

Sat 7/12/14 Maffa Rico w/ Zaramela & Ben Karbank

Thurs 7/17/14 Cajun Strangers

Thurs 7/17/14 Sharon Van Etten w/ Jana Hunter

Fri 7/18/14 Behind the Beat: Charlier Painter

Fri 7/18/14 tba

Sat 7/19/14 F. Stokes w/ Frankie Flowers

Thurs 7/24/14 Bluegrass Series: tba

Thurs 7/24/14 tba

Fri 7/25/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 7/25/14 Madison County w/ Mark Croft

Sat 7/26/14 WADOMA w/ Tani Diakite and the Afro Funk Stars

Thurs 7/31/14 Bluegrass Series: Jack Klatt Trio

Thurs 7/31/14 San Fermin

Fri 8/1/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 8/1/14 Ariada w/ Honey & the 45s

Sat 8/2/14 ROE

Thurs 8/7/14 Bluegrass Series: tba

Thurs 8/7/14 Matrimony

Fri 8/8/14 Behind the Beat: Tim Whalen Trio

Fri 8/8/14 Adelyn Rose w/ Softly Dear Jake & Armerding

Sat 8/9/14 Caroline Smith

Fri 8/15/14 Alison Margaret Jazz Quintet

Fri 8/15/14 Pat McCurdy

Sat 8/16/14 Johnny Chimes w/ The Queenie McCarter Band (Blues Fest)

Fri 8/22/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 8/22/14 Kissers (Irish Fest)

Sat 8/23/14 Whiskey of the Damned (Irish Fest)

Fri 8/29/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 8/29/14 Steez

Sat 8/30/14 John Vietnam Day

Fri 9/5/14 David Gerald

Sat 9/6/14 The Dig

No Les Than Genius

Les Paul brought the future.


As a Wisconsinite, it’s easy to feel outgunned when it comes to music history. We’re surrounded on all sides by music landmarks: Motown to the east, sweet home Chicago to the south, and the birthplace of Bob Dylan (and Prince, I guess) to the west. Meanwhile, the Badger State is known mostly as a musician’s graveyard; Otis Redding (whom I covered last week) and Stevie Ray Vaughan both died in aviation accidents while in Wisconsin. This lesser reputation isn’t exactly fair, because long before Dylan picked up a guitar and Hitsville U.S.A. earned its name, the sound of rock and roll was being invented by a man from Waukesha.

In other words, Michigan may have Mo’, but we’ve got Les.

Les Paul didn’t invent the electric guitar, but you’d be forgiven for thinking he did. With his revolutionary solid-body design, Paul paved the way for the modern electric guitar, and his continuing refinements and innovations perfected the instrument. The Gibson Les Paul is known worldwide as the weapon of choice for guitar heroes such as Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Eddie Van Halen, and many more.

That would be enough of a legacy as is, but Les Paul did more. A legendary guitarist in his own right, Paul mixed jazz guitar with innovative recording technology to create a sound that was all his own. He pioneered the use of overdubbing, stacking and multitracking his guitar until he sounded like a very talented octopus. His recordings with his wife Mary Ford were quite successful, frequently charting and occasionally topping the charts in the 50’s. His sound remains unique, a mix between quaint oldies and proto-prog, both nostalgic and futuristic.

Paul never stopped tinkering with his inventions; his last guitar model was released a year before his death at the age of 94. He never stopped playing either–not after a near-fatal electrocution, not after serving in World War II, not after a car accident that broke half the bones in his body and paralyzed his right arm. He may not have looked like a guitar god (though he could have passed for Larry King’s badass alter ego in his later years), but Les Paul was the godfather of guitar gods.

Top that, Minnesota.

Here are some of Les Paul’s innovative recordings:

“Lover (When You’re Near Me)”

The result of experimental recording sessions in Paul’s garage, this quirky instrumental demonstrates his revolutionary overdubbing technique.

“How High the Moon”

This jazz standard would be one of Paul and Ford’s biggest hits. Paul overdubbed both his guitar and Ford’s voice, creating an ethereal chorus of sound.

“The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise”

Another standard that Paul and Ford had success with, this ballad is a perfect example of the duo’s otherworldly style.

“Meet Mister Callaghan”

Paul and Ford’s singles would usually be complemented by an instrumental B-side. A few of these instrumentals, such as this lilting tune, made the charts as well.


Paul was influenced by Django Reinhardt and Gypsy jazz guitar, and it shows, both in the techniques he used while playing and in compositions such as this one.


Remember, no matter what genre you’re into, WUD Music has you covered. Like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter (@WUDmusic) to stay up to date on all the artists and bands playing the Rathskeller, the Terrace, or the Sett each week.

Tape Deck Tuesday Playlist: A Taste of New Orleans

Starting this Tuesday, every week we will bring you a fresh batch of songs revolving around a theme, available below.  This week, we are bringing a taste of New Orleans.  Starting at the earliest iterations of New Orleans funk, Professor Longhair and Buckwheat Zydeco show the foundation for the next generations of music.  Dr. John and The Meters followed, borrowing heavily from their fore bearers, and a song such as “Cissy Strut” exemplifies the progression towards a more guitar driven sound.  The next four songs are New Orleans standards performed by a range of modern artists ranging from the Jazzy quartet of Medeski Scofield Martin and Wood to the three trombone attack of Bonerama.  Big Freedia represents a new facet of music from New Orleans called “bounce” music.  Trombone Shorty represent the future of New Orleans music as he has quickly risen to national prominence, reestablishing New Orleans’ music in the national spotlight.

Saturday on The Terrace: Steez

“Come and see why the Terrace is our absolute FAVORITE place to play in the whole wide world.” We couldn’t have pitched it better than Steez already did on their Facebook earlier this week. Let’s return the support by getting funky with their “creepfunk” music this Saturday night.

Steez has been gaining recognition through competitions that land them stages such as the 2008 Summer Camp and Rothbury Festival. They have even performed at the Mifflin Street Block Party of 2011, where saxophonist Andrzej Benkowski covered “Like a Prayer” by Madonna. Their debut album has also been recently nominated for Home Grown Music Network’s album of the year. With all of this praise, the music behind it must be worthy of a performance on The Terrace.

Certainly their sound is full of funk, but with the addition of electronic instruments, their music has a psychedelic twist. This intriguing combination can be heard in songs “Three Man Weave” or “Brown Lights.” To add to their great music, they also have quirky personalities which are interwined into their songs. For instance, the first video that pops up on their website is “S my D” (Scott Walker remix). It’s a protest song with a groove.

When seen live, Steez has moments where the band is purely enjoying the music they are creating- especially when each instrument goes solo. Witness their tantalizing, funky beats this Saturday starting at 9:30. I’ll leave you with a fun fact: The word “Steez” is defined as the combination of style & ease by Urbandictionary. What a perfect description of the band themselves.

Download or preview Steez’s “Three Man Weave” below. It comes from their latest album KRONOS, which you can download for the price of your choosing over at their bandcamp.

Download>> Steez – “Three Man Weave”


BADBADNOTGOOD are officially listed as a jazz trio, but simply describing them that way doesn’t reflect their hip-hop side, creating music worthy of sample by the most popular rappers. Exhibit A: Tyler, the Creator loved their Odd Future cover sessions so much, he got together with them and created a series of collaborative videos. BBNG released their second album, BBNG2 two weeks ago, currently available at their bandcamp for free download. You can see them live on the Terrace on May 11th. Check out a video of the Tyler the Creator / BBNG sessions below and get excited (but try not to be terrified by the pig mask).

Behind the Beat Schedule Set, Tom Ryan Jazz Combo Tomorrow

I’m sure it needs no introduction, but Behind the Beat is our jazz and blues series that takes place at 5 pm at Der Rathskeller every Friday. It’s a perfect atmosphere to have a pitcher and listen to some music while you kick back with some buds after class. It features some of the best acts of their genres, local and otherwise. Pull up a chair!

Want to get a taste? Check out the Tom Ryan Jazz Combo tomorrow. You know Tom as the orange-jumpsuit-wearing piccolo legend that you can often catch playing tunes on State Street. Check out the full schedule below, and make sure to come out to TRJC tomorrow.

1/27/2012 Chris Greene Quartet
2/3/2012 The Tom Ryan Jazz Combo
2/10/2012 Louka Patenaude
2/17/2012 Boo Bradley
2/24/2012  TBA
3/2/2012 Alison Margaret Quartet
3/9/2012 Green Means Go
3/16/2012 TBA
3/23/2012 Sons of Daughters
3/30/2012 N/A Spring Break
4/6/2012 N/A Spring Break
4/13/2012 Luke Polipnick
4/20/2012 Threefifty Duo
4/27/2012 Badger Bone Choir
5/4/2012 TBA
5/11/2012 UW Jazz Orchestra