VUD Music Presents: A Vednesday Valentine’s Playlist


Because alliteration guys! The smells of dating culture are in the air, and ve couldn’t help exercising our poor German accents to make a cool blog post about our collaboration playlist vith The Visconsin Union! Check the Valentine’s Day-themed tracks below, and have a Vonderful Vednesday!

Need more Valentine’s Week Music? Local favorite Ben Ferris is curating a special Valentine’s Day show in The Sett at Union South Saturday night at 5:00 PM. You can check you out the full event info by clicking anywhere on this sentence!

Tape Deck Tuesday Playlist: Meowsic Makes Me Lose Control


Created By: Nicholas Pjevach

Beyoncé–Imma let you finish, but New Kids on the Block, Disney characters, Warren Moon, 2000 local children, and an audience card stunt had the best Super Bowl (XXV) halftime show of all time—has claimed that girls run the world, but we all really know it is cats. From Grumpy Cat, to a (sadly fake) crying confession of feline love, to woo potential soul-mates, to joining Homo Sapiens on two legs, to the Walker Art Center’s Internet Cat Video Film Festival, to Caturday, it is clear dogs are not really man’s best friend, at least on the Internet. To honor all of this, my roommate Nichole and I have created the amazing playlist below. We hope you purr in delight.

Shouts out to Hobbes, Garfield, Mr. Bigglesworth, CatDog, Puss in Boots, Figaro, Crookshanks, Salem, Stimpy, Thundercats, Snowball, Aristocats, Cat in the Hat, Pink Panther, the Sphinx, Tom, Snagglepuss, Josie & the Pussycats,  Felix the Cat, Tigger, Cat Stevens, Sylvester, Hello Kitty, Cheshire Cat, Simba, Si and Am, Heathcliff, Sagwa, Mr. Jinx, Meowth, and KEKE THE BASED CAT FOR MAKING HISTORY WITH HER PROUD FRIEND LIL B #tybc


  3. Lick Yrself Clean – LCD Catsystem
  4. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) – David Bowie
  5. Cat Daddy – Rej3ctz
  6. Opposites Attract – Paula Abdul
  7. Orion’s Belt – Kitty Pryde and Riff Raff
  8. KiTTy CaT SoNG
  9. Tommy The Cat – Primus
  10. Cat Scratch Fever – Ted Nugent
  11. Cat’s in the Cradle – Harry Chapin
  12. What’s New Pussycat – Tom Jones
  13. Boots and Cats
  14. Crystal Cat – Dan Deacon
  15. Meow – Anamanaguchi
  16. Play Him Off, In This Club (Usher vs. Keyboard Cat) – The Hood Internet
  17. Nyan Cat 10 hours (original)

Tape Deck Tuesday Playlist: A Taste of New Orleans

Starting this Tuesday, every week we will bring you a fresh batch of songs revolving around a theme, available below.  This week, we are bringing a taste of New Orleans.  Starting at the earliest iterations of New Orleans funk, Professor Longhair and Buckwheat Zydeco show the foundation for the next generations of music.  Dr. John and The Meters followed, borrowing heavily from their fore bearers, and a song such as “Cissy Strut” exemplifies the progression towards a more guitar driven sound.  The next four songs are New Orleans standards performed by a range of modern artists ranging from the Jazzy quartet of Medeski Scofield Martin and Wood to the three trombone attack of Bonerama.  Big Freedia represents a new facet of music from New Orleans called “bounce” music.  Trombone Shorty represent the future of New Orleans music as he has quickly risen to national prominence, reestablishing New Orleans’ music in the national spotlight.

The Soundtrack to Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day means a lot of different things for different people. For those who’ve been in long-term relationships, it may be likened to an anniversary. For others, it’s an annoyance that requires an unnecessary amount of thought, time, and money. For the roommate of a sappy couple, it may be vomit-inducing. It may also be a day of taking chances. We’ve got you covered for the soundtrack of your V-Day, no matter which category you fall under. There are obvious choices, like “Love Stinks,” but that would be mailing it in. So hopefully you find something pertinent and new to you.

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