Weekend in Photos

Big Freedia and the Divas. All pictures from Big Freedia, Sissy Nobby and DJ Diamond from this show by T.J. Matzen.

We had a great weekend, and a lot of you came out to share it with us. Big Freedia’s “Azz Everywhere” was descriptive of what the Sett looked like Friday night with hundreds of people shaking their rears (even doing it on stage on several occasions) – bouncing to the New Orleans Bounce of Freedia and Sissy Nobby, as well as DJ Diamond’s Chicago juke. Screaming Females, Caveman, and Giant People brought energy to Der Rath with raucous tunes. That show got some love from The Isthmus Daily Page. Check out pictures from the shows (more after the jump), and if you’ve got some to add show us at wudmusiccom@gmail.com.

Caveman. All pictures from Screaming Females, Caveman, Giant People by Molly Gallagher.

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(The Last Few) Weekend(s) in Pictures

All photos of Sidewalk Chalk and Fresh Cut Collective by T.J. Matzen

Check it: A bunch of you sent us some pictures of the last few weekends, which we love (That can be done at wudmusiccom@gmail.com). So, check out pictures of the Grace Weber Band, MODA Fashion Show and BBU Afterparty, and this weekend’s Fresh Cut Collective and Sidewalk Chalk show. Some of these are professional grade because, well, they’re done by professionals. Check out Marissa J Murdy’s photography page, who shot the Grace Weber photos, and MANDO Photography’s Facebook page, whose Armando Vega shot the MODA Fashion show shots. They put my ten-year-old basic digital camera pics to shame. More after the jump. Keep snapping those pics people!

All photos of MODA Runway Show by Armando S. Vera of MANDO Photography

All photos of Grace Weber Band by Marissa Murdy of Marissa J Murdy Photography.

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Weekend in Photos

Photo by T.J. Matzen

Friday was a big night. We had two huge shows: Doomtree with Milo at the Sett, and Lower Dens with Yellow Ostrich, Grace Weber Band, and 1,2,3. We estimate that between the two shows we had about 1,000 of you in the crowd, with both venues packed. Thus, there has to be a ton of photos out there. We have quite a few of the Doomtree show but are a little sparse on photos from Der Rathskeller. If you have some, we’d love to see them and put them in this post. Shoot them over to wudmusiccom@gmail.com. Thanks for coming out this weekend, and we hope to see you again at the upcoming shows!

Doomtree w/ Milo
March 9, 2012 – The Sett


Photo by Stacey Lansing, Mixtapes Heartbreaks

Photo by Molly Gallagher

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The Weekend in Photos

Other than a picture of the band, what image pretty much sums up Steez’s sound? The above picture of people hula-hooping at Steez’s Friday concert, part of our Dance This Friday (affectionately known as “DTF”) series. The show was so electric that it drained the energy from my batteries, causing me to only get a few pics. Those are joined by pictures of Trapper Schoepp & The Shades, taken by Brandon Clementi at Der Rathskeller on Friday. We’re kind of sparse this week – do you have any pics from this weekend’s shows? Send them to wudmusiccom@gmail.com and we’ll add them!

Weekend in Photos

Astronautalis. Picture by T.J. Matzen. All pictures by T.J. Matzen were edited by Steven Spoerl.

Have we told you lately that you guys rock? At the Astronautalis show, along with our stellar Badger attendees we had visitors from Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and all over Wisconsin who came to see the traveling rhyme-slinger do the things that only he can do. Over 300 of you saw him perform songs from his albums (and appropriately screamed the lyrics back at him), two freestyles about fan-submitted subjects from Cinnamon Toast Crunch to the George Clooney, and tell off-the-cuff jokes that make you confident that he could have a successful stand-up comedy career if he ever wanted to give that a shot. Openers Bi-Polar Bear did a great job of complementing his hip-hop side while Hewn delivered energetic, Tom Waits-praising growl-rock.

It was a party in every sense of the word. These pictures do a great job of showing that (though there’s nothing like the real thing, which is why y’all should hit our free shows at Der Rath and The Sett). If you have pics from this show or the Advance Base and Poison Control Center / Sat Nite. Duets / The Fatty Acids shows that you think the world should see, please send them to wudmusiccom@gmail.com. Check out the photos and video below. Click to enlarge. More after the jump.

Bi-Polar Bear. Picture by T.J. Matzen

Hewn. Picture by Steven Spoerl.

Video of Astronautalis by Steven Spoerl.

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The Weekend In Photos

There are over 80 pictures to check out here of the weekend’s concerts; the bands were just too photogenic to narrow it down any more. YACHT’s video graphics, amazing poses, crowd interactions, and general awesomeness made each picture unique. Asobi Seksu’s energy comes through in photos of them. Juniper Tar invited folks on stage, which made for excellent pictures. Photos of Night Moves, Asumaya, Trapper Schoepp, and Kane Place Record Club also display how hard these guys rock. So check out the pics – you might just spot yourself in some.

Have pictures of these shows you think the world needs to see? Send them to wudmusiccom@gmail.com and we’ll probably add them. Click photos to enlarge.

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The Weekend in Photos

All pictures of F. Stokes by Molly Palzkill

Check out some photos from F. Stokes’ homecoming and Lost Lander playing WSUM. Do you want to see your pictures in this segment? Send your pics of WUD Music events to wudmusiccom@gmail.com along with you’re name. If we like them, we’ll post them!

Click to enlarge.

Lost Lander
Der Rathskeller, February 10th, 2012
WSUM Appearance

All pictures of Lost Lander by Cara Hunt.

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