Tapedeck Tuesday: 2013 Wrap-up

It’s been one hell of a year here at WUD Music.

WUD dj table

We booked THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY EIGHT different bands. We’ve hosted rappers, comedians, and poets. We’ve booked a country fest and a reggae fest. We’ve set up for bands ranging from a guy and his guitar to a full orchestra. Our shows have survived thunderstorms, snow emergencies, power outages, construction, equipment malfunctions and insanity of all kinds.

And now we’re here, completely finished with shows for 2013 and looking back on the year, filled with deep satisfaction and desperately needing a nap. But before we say goodbye to the year for good, we thought we’d wrap things up properly. Below is a playlist of just some of the artists that made a stop here at our humble home during this arbitrary period of the earth’s rotation around the sun.

Check it out, and let us know what you loved, what you didn’t, and what you’d like to see on the playlist by this time next year. And until then, stay warm, listen to lots of good music, and have a wonderful holiday. We’ll see you back here in 2014.



Friday Night on the Terrace: Whiskey of the Damned + The Kissers

Whiskey of the Damned

This Friday night, prepare to experience a show like no other. We’ve got back-to-back Irish-influenced bands performing, ready to immerse you in the country’s culture and the world of rock.

Our featured band of the night is Milwaukee-based Whiskey of the Damned, a Celtic influenced rock group formed by Ireland native and band frontman Eoin McCarthy. Although the band has gone through personnel changes over the years, their Irish punk sound remains the same. Gritty vocals and heavy drums accompanied by a happy violin and accordion make for great pub songs such as “All for Me Grog” and “Dock Boy”. I first saw Whiskey of the Damned when they opened for Dropkick Murphys at Summerfest in 2011, and I have seen them twice more since. I could not be happier with my experiences seeing them. They always put on an energetic show that is simply too difficult to not get into.

The first half of the night’s show features The Kissers, a Madison band known for its frenzied performances and on-stage humor. Their music bridges the gap between indie rock and Irish music.

The Kissers

Whiskey of the Damned + The Kissers
9:00 PM, Memorial Union Terrace
Admission: FREE

Saturday Night on the Terrace: El-P and Killer Mike w/ Despot, Kool A.D.


Tonight, WUD Music is presenting what is arguably the biggest rap show it has ever produced on the Memorial Union Terrace. Rappers El-P and Killer Mike have both gained mad respect over the years in the alternative and dirty south hip-hop scenes, respectively.

El-P is a former member of the underground group Company Flow, has produced music for a plethora of artists, and is the co-founder, owner and CEO of New York record label Definitive Jux.

Killer Mike has been in the game since he met Outkast rapper Big Boi in his college years, and has been on the grind ever since. While releasing six solo albums, he was also featured on a handful of songs in the early 2000s, most notably Outkast’s Grammy-winning single “The Whole World”.

Tonight, these decorated MCs come to you as a newly formed hip-hop duo, Run the Jewels. Their self-titled album can be downloaded for free here, and trust me when I say it is more than worth the time spent to acquire it. Clocking in just under 33 minutes, the duo brings 10 tracks with unique, hard-hitting beats and verses that seem effortlessly crafted. When El-P’s faster staccato bars mix seamlessly with Mike’s smooth dirty south flow, it leaves the listener more than satisfied. But my words alone can’t justify the album. Listen for yourself.

El-P and Killer Mike will be supported by Despot, a New York underground rapper with over a decade of experience, and Kool A.D., a former member of the New York group Das Racist.

Saturday, July 20, 8:00PM, Memorial Union Terrace
Admission: FREE

Monday Feature: Revelry is Coming


You know a weekend is going to be great when you’re already anticipating for the week to be over on Monday at one in the morning. Whether you’ll be attending the annual Mifflin Street Block Party, hitting up capitol square for the weekly fresh market, or kicking back and watching a Star Wars trilogy (preferably the original one), there is no shortage of funtivities available for Madison citizens this first weekend of May.

And while all of these funtivities are respectable means of entertainment in their own right, I want to highlight the weekend event I will be attending: Revelry Music and Arts Festival. DISCLAIMER: I am in no way being prompted to write this feature by any member of WUD Music. I chose to write this feature because it’s music related, it’s Madison news, I love music, live concerts are awesome, and I want to give those that are or may be going a small preview of what they can expect out of the musical talent at the festival. So let’s get to that. I am going to give my short, unarticulated opinion of the artists that were highlighted in the wonderfully crafted video below. Here goes nothing.

Toro y Moi – Contrary to what your initial reaction may be, Toro y Moi is actually one man. And he may be one of the chillest men I’ve ever heard on a track. For starters, he combined both the Spanish and French languages to create his stage name. It doesn’t matter as long as it translates to English easily (Bull and Me) and sounds cool, right? Beyond this, his calm vocals and looped electronic beats are combined to him consider him a part of the genre known as chillwave. It doesn’t get any more chill than that.

Hoodie Allen – One of my close friends has been a Hoodie fan well before the Revelry lineup was released, and since its release I have hopped on the bandwagon hard. His All American EP was only $5 on iTunes, and provides eight solid tracks that exemplify his catchy music and smart lyrics. In addition, his newest mixtape Crew Cuts is on his website for free! Outside of his music, the former Google employee and UPenn Sprint Football player has collaborated on comedy videos with CollegeHumor that are just too funny to only watch once.

Phox – This seven-piece band from Baraboo, Wisconsin utilizes instruments that run the gamut of sounds, resulting in songs that are most often whimsical, but can also be hectic and heavy. No songs particularly called out to me, but there’s no doubt that the band is unique.

The Mowgli’s – While the only music I could find of theirs was the five songs from their Love’s Not Dead EP, this pop-rock octet has an established pedigree with a recent performance at SXSW 2013 and a scheduled performance at Lollapalooza 2013. Their eight-person chorus is extremely catchy, and “San Francisco” is an irresistible summer jam. 

Chance the Rapper – Chance the Rapper is definitely a different sounding hip-hop artist, with a significantly higher voice than your typical MC. His second mixtape, Acid Rap drops tomorrow, so hopefully Madison will be receptive to his new material come Saturday.

Delta Spirit – This band has a strong alternative rock sound, and many of the songs I listened to have the feel of a live show even though they’re master tracks. I trust that their live performance will be nothing short of a great display of musical talent. In addition, they have a song on the official first volume of The Walking Dead soundtrack, so I am sold.

Julian Lynch – Chill, instrumental, and articulate all at once, Julian Lynch’s music gives off good vibes. With a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology (!?) from UW-Madison, I think concert attendees will give the former city resident a warm reception.

Oh Land – Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Nanna Øland Fabricius serves as singer, songwriter, and producer, for her music. Pianos and an extensive palette of electronic sounds make for a plethora of experimental tunes for Oh Land to sing over. It will be interesting to see how her music translates to a live performance.

So there you have it: A preview of the biggest acts that Revelry has to offer. It would seem that there is a little something for everyone in the festival’s first installment, and I couldn’t be more excited. Here’s to the joys of live music, summer, and the continued success of this festival for years to come. Revel on.

Download A Lull’s “Some Love” Single + 3 Remixes

It’s a brutal truth: It’s almost time for school again. But on the bright side, the beginning of a new semester also means a return of WUD Music concerts. One of the concerts we’re pumped for is Deleted Scenes / A Lull on February 4th at The Sett, and the following news only makes it harder to wait.

For the moment, if you “like” Mush Records’ Facebook page, you can download A Lull’s “Some Love” single, along with three remixes of the track. The original is excellent, with pulsating drums and daybreak harmonies. Head over and listen for yourself, and be sure to make it out to The Sett when the band hits the stage in a few weeks.

why WUD Music is amazing: 2011 Lollapalooza Lineup

Ever look at the WUD music schedule only to think, “gee, I don’t know ANY of those bands!”?  Well, it’s happened to this blogger as well, so fear not, but keep in mind you may want to get to know them if you want to be ahead of your peers when it comes to the latest awesome music.

How can I make such a boastful statement?  Let’s cross-compare WUD’s most recent booking year with the August 2011 Lollapalooza lineup:

Mayer Hawthorne & the County, Gold Motel, Haley Bonar, Midnight Conspiracy, Maps & Atlases, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. all played here in the fall and all will participate in this Chicago music festival this August 5-7 in Grant Park.

yeah, baby.

Not to mention The Felice Brothers, who recently graced the new Sett, have a feature article in the latest issue of Spin magazine.

Not too shabby, eh?  Keep on attending our shows and we’ll keep giving you the best acts the music scene has to offer (usually for free)!

The Felice Brothers come to Sett it up this May

EXTRA! EXTRA! New and exciting news from the best music committee on Earth:   folk favorites The Felice Brothers traipse their way to Madison to play the Sett at New Union South on Saturday, May 7th a las nueve (9p.m.).


We’re pumped.  Their studio was built from an old chicken coop but there’s no cooping up these boys.  They’ll join us in Madtown after playing the likes of Coachella and several other venues across the country, and bring with them sounds reminiscent of the Catskill Mountains and backyard BBQs.  Those whom have had the pleasure of hearing them live say concert-goers cannot help but leave the show converted.  Come and embrace the conversion.

Tickets go on sale Friday March 11th at 11am!!! $15 ($12 for UW students with ID)

Available at the Memorial Union Box Office, Vilas Box Offce, by phone at 608-265-ARTS, and online at TrueEndeavors.com << don’t wait too long to get yours!