Saturday Night on the Terrace: Jeffery Broussard and the Creole Cowboys


And now for something completely different. No, we didn’t book Monty Python for the Terrace, sorry guys. But, one thing we always strive for here at WUD Music is finding music that people don’t necessarily expect. One of these spectacularly random finds was Mr. Jeffery Broussard. Hailing from from the self-proclaimed “Zydeco Capital of the World”, Opelousas, Louisiana, Jeffery has been playing in Zydeco bands since his childhood, and is one of the most influential and dynamic performers in the genre.

If you’ve never heard Zydeco music, your mind will instantly and inexplicably be filled with images of New Orleans and sunshine. It’s an iconic blend of the music of the cajun culture and more traditional American blues that so rarely manages to be heard this far north. It’s easy music to dance to, and incorporates accordions, guitars, and washboards. Yes, washboards.

So if you’re ready for an awesome change of pace in your summer listening lineup, come on down to the Terrace this Saturday night to get a little taste of Louisiana, performed by one of the best. Jeffery Broussard and the Creole Cowboys will perform two sets, meaning the party continues from 9:30 to midnight.