Tuesday Playlist: 82 degrees and perfection

It’s 82 degrees outside and perfect.  This weekend is your last chance to get any fun out of the way before finals week rolls around and you grind your hands into little nubs with ink on them.  At least your new hand deformity is a good ice breaker.


Anyways, this playlist is stuffed with some music that is perfect accompaniment to any walking or running (preferably running) you do in the sun. Summer is almost here, and that’s terribly shocking, so ignore it and sprint! Move your eyes a little further down and you’ll see some little blurbs about the songs in the playlist. I promise they might be entertaining.

Tame Impala – “Apocalypse Dreams”: You know all of those psychedelic poppy songs The Beatles wrote?  Imagine if a band only heard those songs and then decided to write as many catchy songs as possible.  And reverb.  Oh man the reverb.

Glocca Morra – “Y’all Boots Hats (Die Angry)”: I wrote about this punk band a week or two ago, and it takes all the exuberance of driving cars quickly on an interstate–then shoves it into your ears.

Chance the Rapper – “Cool Ass Intro”: Dude actually has a new mixtape called Acip Rap out today.  Piano and beautiful backing vocals combined with a bouncy bass drum and some fantastic rhyming.  It’s stuck in my ears and it won’t go away.

Coping – “B”:  More punk.  They sound like a busy, sunny day.  That makes sense, right?

Machine Go Boom – “Lil’ Devil”: This was a weird little folk-ish rock band from Cleveland that seemed to be ignored since they were so strange.  The frontman could really write a song though, and Lil’ Devil is probably one of the most uptempo, giddy songs he wrote.

Ringo Deathstarr – “Slack”: So Ringo Deathstarr is a shoegaze band, but this song sounds like an attempt by them to make a good old fashioned high paced rock ‘n roll song, complete with a great chorus guitar hook and a grand amount of noise.

SPORT – “Saint Louis, 1904”: Yet another punk song.  They’re from France.  They sound a lot like the two other punk songs.

The Front Bottoms – “Twin Sized Mattress”: These are two witty New Englanders with an acoustic guitar, drums, and some tongue-in-cheek lyrics to win you over.  They have a new album coming out soon!  If you’re not yet convinced, look up their band name on Urban Dictionary.  Five year old Timmy probably shouldn’t read what it says though.

A Great Big Pile of Leaves – “Alligator Bop”: You know those big exercise balls you can sit and bounce on, and, if you’re mentally a five year old, it’s the most entertaining activity ever?  This song is that feeling.

The Deirdres – “Milk Is Politics”: I know absolutely nothing about this band.  I know that the website they link to on their Myspace page links to this sketchy site that is semi-pornographic, so I’m assuming that is no longer their website.  And if they still are only using myspace, it’s a pretty safe bet they either don’t know what computers are, or they no longer exist.  Either way, this song is absolutely ridiculous and poppy and catchy and it makes my fingers tingle.  It’s absolutely perfect to sing along to with fifty other people, the only other problem being fifty other people haven’t heard this song.

Andrew Bird – “Hole In The Ocean Floor”: Listen to this and feel happy.  It’s perfect.


Monday Feature: Blogs on Blogs


Impassable Nights

Yo, tag this! Post that! Like this! Tweet that! Instagram it! You all know what these one-liners mean simply because we use this jargon everyday. We are the kids who have fostered a highly mobile and interactive culture that’s driven by social media, and as a generation of social media connoisseurs, we have managed to make the commonplace, mundane–things we do daily seem like the extraordinary. And yet, this isn’t a bad thing. It’s the world we live in. We’re Facebook gurus, Twitter addicts, and Instagram zealots. We’ve ingrained an online culture into our lives because of all the DOPE benefits we reap in return. To highlight one, we have discovered a culture of blogs. When we travel somewhere, see something cool or do something hilarious, we can blog about it. And as bloggers, we can share our stories, pictures, and videos to people anywhere (cue cliché: It’s so easy, even a cave man could do it!).

In honor of my love and appreciation for the WUD Music blog, I want to dedicate this Monday Feature to sharing the love for another music blog: Impassable Nights. A friend of mine introduced this blog to me a few months ago (Hey Martang) and it ROCKS. The beautiful human beings responsible for this music goldmine are Chich, Scooter, JD, and AC. They’re Chicago and LA natives who have created this blog to “provide the masses with an array of music, spanning all genres, from the obvious to the not so.” These boys have provided their friends, family, and complete strangers, like me, with an incredible source for discovering new music and new artists.

The boys cover everything from The Weekend, Sol, Andrew Bird, and Edward Sharpe to Urban Cone, Intergalactic Lovers, and Simon and Garfunkel. Whether they’re just feeling nostalgic and giving a familiar artist or song some renewed love or giving an underrated, promising newbie some recognition, the boys of Impassable Nights never cease to present their readers with music that inspires and moves them. Whenever I check this blog, I’m fully enlightened by the new songs, artists and bands that the Nights’ boys have discovered. Without a doubt, Chich, Scooter, JD, and AC know how to keep your mind focused on the music they’re savvy about. On top of posting videos and songs in all different genre categories, the boys also post playlists that will make your iTunes and Spotify look fresh and stay rad.

So in the spirit of the social media obsession, check out their blog. Like them on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter. Go wild and instagram some pictures. But for the love of all the Rap gods, don’t be a musical boner! ….(Pitch Perfect)