Friday on the Terrace: BADBADNOTGOOD, KingHellBastard, and Monster House

BADBADNOTGOOD, along with KingHellBastard and Monster House, are invading the Terrace this Friday night. Canadian trio BADBADNOTGOOD formed in 2011 at Humber College in Toronto. Since then, they have released two albums (BBNG and BBNG2)  – which are both available for free on their website and bandcamp – and have done numerous collaborations, among them those with Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean of OFWGKTA. BADBADNOTGOOD puts an unlikely jazz twist on OFWGKTA’s otherwise rap and hip-hop tracks (be sure to check out “Seven,” where Tyler, The Creator has an awesome freak out near the end of the song you’ll surely appreciate).

Needless to say, BADBADNOTGOOD is bringing about both new and imaginative music; the crossing of jazz and hip-hop genres is definitely a musical path less traveled, and the trio seems to be making it work. They’re worth the listen, and if you come down to the Terrace around 9 on Friday, you’ll probably get to see Alex Sowinski, the band’s drummer, donning his super cute pig mask.

Also playing at the Terrace on Friday is KingHellBastard (KHB). Hailing from Milwaukee, KHB consists of DNA, Dana Coppafeel, Clark Beezy, DJ1L, Animas, Reakt Twenty, A-Biz and “all the other freaks in The Freak Kingdom” as the band wrote on their MySpace page. KHB has opened for artists such as Common, Q-Tip, and Souls of Mischief. Emanating a kind of unique hip-hop that’s energetic, raw, and sometimes unruly, this group will undoubtedly get the crowd going. Check out their video “Danger” for evidence.

As if that’s not enough hip-hop for you, Milwaukee collective Monster House will also be playing at the Terrace on Friday. Consisting of SPEAKEasy, Panic and Audiopilot, the group creates trippy and dynamic rap and hip-hop. They recently released an 11-track LP entitled Raiders of the Lost Art via Uni-Fi Records, whose bandcamp allows you to download the album for free. Monster House has even collab’d with KHB’s Dana Coppafeel.

It’s going to be a hip-hop kind of night at the Terrace on Friday. We look forward to seeing you there! In the meantime, download BADBADNOTGOOD’s “UWM (feat. Leland Whitty)”  below.

Download BADBADNOTGOOD’s “UWM (Feat. Leland Whitty)”



BADBADNOTGOOD are officially listed as a jazz trio, but simply describing them that way doesn’t reflect their hip-hop side, creating music worthy of sample by the most popular rappers. Exhibit A: Tyler, the Creator loved their Odd Future cover sessions so much, he got together with them and created a series of collaborative videos. BBNG released their second album, BBNG2 two weeks ago, currently available at their bandcamp for free download. You can see them live on the Terrace on May 11th. Check out a video of the Tyler the Creator / BBNG sessions below and get excited (but try not to be terrified by the pig mask).