Tani Diakite and the Afrofunkstars

The weather’s starting to get colder and right about now you’re thinking,yea this is nice but  I could really use some great music to put me back in that summer state of mind. We feel the same, so this Saturday we bring you Tani Diakite and the Afrofunkstars.

Tani Diakite is a master kamale n’goni player from Wasulu, Mali. If you’re not familiar with the n’goni instrument family, the donso n’goni is an older six string instrument that was traditionally used for ceremonial purposes. The smaller version is the kamale n’goni and is characteristic of a popular style of music from Mali called Wasulu.

The music is unique but yet so familiar with its jam band-esque feel; the n’goni is thought to be the predecessor to the banjo and there’s definitely a hint of bluegrass mixed in with the dance/funk/blues sound. Check out this video from Wisconsin Public Television and around the 8 minute mark notice how the electric guitar comes to the forefront to tie everything together and produce maximum enjoyability.

*Photo Credit AfroCubanLatinJazz/c.

hey there

hello friends. it’s been a while. but then again it seems like only yesterday i was starting to freak about finals. and now here we are only a few days away from a new semester. classes are depressing. so in honor of the 745 start times and TAs that can never quite understand your questions and power lectures and all the other things that suck about class, here is some really kickass blues music.

the nice thing about a new semester is that we’ll all be back in madison. and there will be more awesome shows in the rathskeller. thank god we have good music to get us through.

rock on folks,
margaret kaye

Bobby Bryan plays the Blues for you


Friday, February 27

Der Rathskeller



Blues music in Madison only seems to rear its head very seldom at most and is relegated to our Behind the Beat Series at Memorial Union and the Brink Lounge on West Washington. With that, it is very rare to see a Blues artist headlining our Weekend Music series, but Bobby Bryan and his band The Uptown Allstars are good. I mean, really good. The guy can play and he has that deep, wounded soul required of any good Blues musician. Just look at the song titles: “You Treat Me Like A Wife” and “Can’t Find Love in This City.” It’s domesticated blues, tamed for the 21st century, but still very pertinent and hitting close to home. Mr. Bryan is smooth and if I were a woman I would fear walking into Der Rathskeller on Friday night for Mr. Bryan is sure to take a woman or two home with him when it is all said and done. If that is not enough to convince you consider this: “I know how to wash my clothes / I can sew a button on my shirt.” Expect Bobby and his band to shift deftly from hard ripping blues to slow burners. Get on up!

Committee member Scott Janowiak enjoys the Blues and you should too. He'll be in attendance.

Committee member Scott Janowiak enjoys the Blues and you should too. He'll be in attendance.

Bitch, I Love You.