Tani Diakite and the Afrofunkstars

The weather’s starting to get colder and right about now you’re thinking,yea this is nice but  I could really use some great music to put me back in that summer state of mind. We feel the same, so this Saturday we bring you Tani Diakite and the Afrofunkstars.

Tani Diakite is a master kamale n’goni player from Wasulu, Mali. If you’re not familiar with the n’goni instrument family, the donso n’goni is an older six string instrument that was traditionally used for ceremonial purposes. The smaller version is the kamale n’goni and is characteristic of a popular style of music from Mali called Wasulu.

The music is unique but yet so familiar with its jam band-esque feel; the n’goni is thought to be the predecessor to the banjo and there’s definitely a hint of bluegrass mixed in with the dance/funk/blues sound. Check out this video from Wisconsin Public Television and around the 8 minute mark notice how the electric guitar comes to the forefront to tie everything together and produce maximum enjoyability.

*Photo Credit AfroCubanLatinJazz/c.

This Weekend at der Rath: Bowser with Midwest Hype and Trivia Night!

Friday, February 18th 9:30 PM @ Der Rath: Bowser with Midwest Hype

This Friday come out to der Rathskeller for a night of unique Midwest jam-band tunes and funk. Bowser will be headlining and their blend of musical styles truly needs to experienced to be appreciated. Hailing from Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, Bowser has been performing in a wide variety of music venues throughout the state of Wisconsin since 2000. ReverbNation describes their sound as “rock n roll blues rooted, abound with emotion and soul and blessed with a tinge for classic rock.”  The one thing that bleeds through while listening to this band’s music is just how much passion they have for their tunes. This is even more evident in their live show, so don’t miss this great opportunity to witness Bowser!

Be sure to come early and double the fun of your night with opener Midwest Hype. Another great Midwest jam-band (Jazz/Funk/Reggae) from Indiana that also utilizes a melting pot of musical styles and has a clear passion for what they do.

“By the time I was done jumping & headbanging, I was a sweaty mess and heading home with a charged up soul. The music had won me over again.” -Chicago Jam Scene

Saturday, February 19th 9:30 @ Der Rath: Trivia Night hosted by Nick Marx

Come win prizes at our trivia night on Saturday! Here are some details:

– Come with friends or meet new ones to form groups of 5 people.

– 4 rounds of 10 questions

– As always, our events are completely free!

Jam Out This Friday with Undercover Organisms and Dave Bess!

This Friday! JANUARY 28 at 9:30pm in der Rathskeller: thrilling, or rather, chillin’ Undercover Organisms with the funky Dave Bess.

Undercover Organisms is a band based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They list themselves as “Funk/Jam Band/Live Electronics” and claim to “rage your face off.” More electronic than a lot of funk music and more alternative than classic jam bands, Undercover Organisms is great music to sway to or to ease into the night.  Undercover Organisms has songs ranging from short, light jams such as the song “Funky Spectrum” to heavier, electronic anthems like “The Wire”. The electronic buzz is a great addition to the reggae feel of their music, bringing in more than just funk-fans. Their real goal is to transport you to the jam band paradise in their heads. It’s quite a nice place.

Dave Bess is the guitarist, lead vocalist, and ukulele player-extraordinaire of the band Public Property, gone solo. Bess skillfully produces a portable, musical Jamaica wherever he takes his ukulele strumming and soulful singing.  He provides a faster paced complement to the chill sounds of Undercover Organisms. He blends his own influences with classic reggae; just try to not smile and bob your head at that ukulele. Just try.

Lubriphonic + The Hue Tomorrow night!

Lubriphonic at the Telluride "Blues and Brews" Festival

Tomorrow night, that is Friday December 10th, we will have Lubriphonic and The Hue playing in our very own Der Rathskellar! You gotta come out to see this – it’s gonna be a funky dance party followed by some rawk. Lubriphonic has played with such greats as  Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Derek Trucks Band, and Beyonce to name a few. They have been touring in support of their most recent album, The Gig is On – which received several nominations at the 2009 Chicago Music Awards.

Check out this video from Lubriphonic’s show in Boulder this past August:

The Chicken is Worth More Alive than Dead

Good times* will be had by all

(*featuring a three-piece horn section)

The Hue: melting faces since 2007

Then after Lubriphonic’s set, stick around for The Hue! These guys are experienced rockers, whose instrumental progressive jams cite influences such as Frank Zappa and King Crimson. The Hue has played with the likes of Umphrey’s McGee, The New Deal, and more recently they have collaborated with Garaj Mahal. They released their first full length LP, Beyond Words in 2009 – check out the song Igneous Pillow off of the album at their website (but beware, your face may melt)

Hope to see you there!