Get to Know:

John Ash


Why do you rock so hard?

With the prevalent metal scene in town, it’s pretty hard not to. I’d say my biggest inspiration as far as rocking hard goes is definitely a local band called Lords of the Trident. They really know how to shred. Also, all the metal shows coming through town like Monotonix and the upcoming hard-rock showcase featuring Mouthful of Birds (a personal favorite) make it easy to rock out on a regular basis.

Do you recycle and why?

Most of the time, it seems like it’s an easy way to help the environment.

What is your take on the
Madison music scene?

Overall, I think it’s pretty decent. We get some cool shows that other places don’t get probably due to there being a few respectable small to medium capacity venues around town. With that being said, I feel like we do miss out on a considerable amount of bands that are booked to play in Milwaukee at places like the Pabst and Turner Hall.

What is your favorite venue in town and why?

I’d say my favorite venue in town is the High Noon mainly due to the fact that I’ve seen more shows there than any of the other venues in town (excluding the Rath etc.). They also seem to consistently book bands I am interested in and usually have pretty cheap ticket prices which is cool too.

What have been your favorite memories from the year so far, music committee related and unrelated?

I’d say my favorite memories of the year so far include the cobra snake party and the Los Campesinos show. Also, I had a ton of fun embarking on an epic journey to a monster truck rally (that ended up being cancelled) with some fellow music committee members. As far as non-music committee memories go, I’ve just been having fun hanging out with friends and being here in general.