Weekend in Pictures: Los Campesinos! + Parenthetical Girls

Los Campesinos! Photo by Azaria Posik

Well done, Badgers. This weekend’s show was easily the most well-attended event The Sett’s ever seen. Bored in class? Want to play a version of “Where’s Waldo?” where ‘Waldo’ is you? Try to find yourself in these pictures that also contain famous people. Click to enlarge. More after the jump.

Parenthetical Girls. Photo by Molly Palzkill.

Parenthetical Girls. Photo by Molly Palzkill.

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Saturday in the Sett – Los Campesinos! with Parenthetical Girls

With the release of LC!’s newest album in November, this long-awaited show is finally here! Pitchfork described Hello Sadness as “their fourth straight great album,” ultimately giving it a solid 8.0. Check it out for yourself below.

Although Parenthetical Girls haven’t released a full-length album in some time, they’re definitely not to be overlooked. If you haven’t heard of the Oregon-based group, their indie pop sound with an experimental edge is sure to win you over Saturday night. Follow this link to see for yourself: Careful Who You Dance With – Parenthetical Girls

Come to the Sett at 9 PM this Saturday for Los Campesinos! and Parenthetical Girls. Check out the Facebook event HERE. See you Saturday!

PLAYING IN 5240 #1

Cause blogging ain’t easy, we’ve decided to bring you the weekly series, PLAYING IN 5240, where we share with you what we on committee are currently into each week.

Discover a fresh new track you love or get a throwback to something you used to bump in your parents car; leave us some comments and tell us what you think!

Phanes- “Lucky Woman”

Clams Casino- “Gorilla”

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