Monday Feature: Glocca Morra


Madison weather remembered it is the middle of April, and finally stopped keeping the temperature in the 30’s.  There is no better way to celebrate than opening your windows, listening to the steady dripping of rain drops, and then turning up your speakers to LOUD and blasting punk rock.  Show nature who is boss.  She can’t do anything now, it’s spring.  People usually assume “oh it’s so purty outside, lemme just put on dis quiet, pretty Bon Iver song on and then take a nap.”  No.  Stop that.  You need to drive cars at high speeds (only five miles above speed limit. Safety!) and jump around excessively.

“But,” you might argue, “all of the songs I listen to never exceed noise levels around the same volume as a solitary singing bird!” Well then listen to Glocca Morra, who’s music makes me want to run around outside and yell.  According to their Facebook page, there are four guys in the band; their names are Zack, Arik, Nate, and JP.  They happened to make two of my favorite albums from last year with their LP Just Married and their EP An Obscure Moon Lighting An Obscure World.  It’s on their bandcamp.

I have no idea how to describe what they sound like, but they make some of the best indie/punk/rock/whatever music on the planet.  And they pass through Chicago on the twentieth, so if anyone wants to give me a ride…



Big Show this Sunday: Henry Rollins(!) at Great Hall in Memorial Union

Don’t forget, we have a show this Sunday. Henry Rollins, formerly of the legendary punk band Black Flag, will be speaking in the Great Hall at the Memorial Union at 7:30 PM on Sunday, March 27th. Our friends at True Endeavors are co-presenting this show with us, and we are very excited to have the show in the Great Hall.

Tickets for the show are $35 for the public and $25 for anyone with a student ID. Get your tickets here. They can be picked up from the Wisconsin Union Theater Box Office and tickets will also be available at the event on the day of show.

Check out this sample:

This show will be very different from what fans may expect from Rollins’ hardcore punk past. In recent years he has been touring as a spoken word artist and comedian. The tour is titled ’50’, the age which Rollins turned last night. Come see Rollins weigh in on everything from growing older, the experiences of his music career and anything else that crosses his mind. His spoken word is heavily informed with the rage of hardcore punk and the humor of no-nonsense comedy.

See you all there! Don’t forget to get your tickets!

This weekend at der Rath: The Felix Culpa and a Bob Marley Birthday Bash!

FRIDAY, January 21st at 9:30pm in der Rathskeller, get your punk rock on with The Felix Culpa and Action Madison.

They call their music “art rock” because it combines a broad spectrum of emotions, heavy guitar riffs and crazy drums solos to give listeners a powerful experience of music consumption. Some reviews have compared their most recent album “Sever Your Roots” to Brand New’s “The Devil and God are Raging Inside”. The band released this album, their 3rd, in January 2010 and have since signed with No Sleep Records and will be re-releasing the album with a bonus EP on January 25th.

Then, SATURDAY, shake off those cold weather blues with The Roots Collective playing a Bob Marley Birthday Party at 9:30pm in der Rathskeller!

Legendary rastafarian Bob Marley’s birthday of February 6th is fast-approaching, and what better way to pay tribute to this inspirational reggae guru than by throwing him a party??  Madison’s own Roots Collective will be covering some of Marley’s greatest hits that will warm you straight through with sounds so summery you’ll think the Sun Is Shining.  Come get swept away from the stinging snow while singing happy birthday to Jamaica’s pride and joy.