Comedy Central on Campus Presents: Thomas Middleditch

Who is Thomas Middleditch?

According to his Twitter bio, Thomas Middleditch is an “actor, comedian, writer, MURDERER!!!” from Los Angeles. However he’s better known for his roles in The Campaign, Wolf of Wall Street, The Office, CollegeHumor, and for his star role in the upcoming HBO series Silicon Valley.

And most importantly, he’ll be performing in Madison at Varsity Hall on April 25th. Get your tickets here.

Select Tweets from Thomas Middleditch

  • Just saw a guy with Google Glass walking around. More like Google ASS! Yessssss! HIYO! Burn of the century.
  • I don’t know much, but I know that girls love Porkies 1 & 2. Such chick flicks
  • So whaddya think, am I jacking off to much?
  • Rob Ford and Paula Dean; best couple of 2013.
  • Was there a memo to every hipster in Los Angeles to wear their knit sweater today?


Review of Thomas Middleditch

  • “Even if you don’t know an algorithm from an alligator and think techies are aliens who came to Earth in a Google bus to abduct your children, prepare to laugh your ass off at HBO’s “Silicon Valley.” It’s not only the best show about the culture-dominating tech world to date but one of best new shows of the season.”-SFGate


More Lolz

Get your tickets here($13 for students), or click here to RSVP to the event on Facebook.