Summer Terrace Lineup Announcement!

Terrace After Dark

Yes, the rumors are true, it’s finally that time of year again. May 7th is truly the most wonderful day on the calendar because (drumroll please)

…our lineup for the entire summer has been released! We have some incredible fun ready for you on the shores of our beautiful Lake Mendota between the months of May and August. Check out all of our concerts (along with all the Lakeside Cinema movies and other special events) at, for more detailed descriptions, times, contact information, band websites, and more. This website will become your go-to resource for all things “Terrace”.

As always, WUD Music will feature a weekly Open Mic Night, Wednesday nights from 7:45-11 PM. Singing, instrument playing, Comedy, poetry all welcome. No house instruments provided, backing tracks can be accommodated.

We will also be bringing back our much-loved Thursday Bluegrass Series, taking place from 5-7 PM. 

Our Friday “happy hour” series, Behind the Beat, will also continue as it has all school year, continuing to happen from 5-7 PM

And we have some INCREDIBLE headlining acts coming through, bringing you live music from 9:30-Midnight on every single Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Get pumped, you guys. It’s going to be another great summer.

Check out our band listing below: 

Fri 5/16/14 Behind the Beat: Tritonics

Fri 5/16/14 16 Candles (Graduation Weekend Dance Party)

Sat 5/17/14 V05 (Graduation Weekend Dance Party)
(two sets)

Fri 5/23/14 Behind the Beat: John Widdicombe Blues Band Combo

Fri 5/23/14 Handphibians

Sat 5/24/14 Jeffrey Broussard

Thurs 5/29/14 Kishi Bashi w/ Busman’s Holiday

Fri 5/30/14 Behind the Beat: The Firebirds

Fri 5/30/14 Swearin’

Sat 5/31/14 Trinidad Tripoli Steel Drum Band

Thurs 6/5/14 Bluegrass Series: Sparetime

Thurs 6/5/14 Brett Newski w/ Pete Donnelly

Fri 6/6/14 Behind the Beat: Drobka/Hastil/Christensen Trio

Fri 6/6/14 JR Donato w/ L.E.X.

Sat 6/7/14 Kikeh Mato w/ Limanya Drum and Dance Ensemble

Thurs 6/12/14 Bluegrass Series: tba

Thurs 6/12/14 Betty Who

Fri 6/13/14 Behind The Beat: The Sundogs

Fri 6/13/14 lazydeadpoet

Sat 6/14/14 The Whiskey Farm w/ Whitney Mann

Thurs 6/19/14 Bluegrass Series: tba

Thurs 6/19/14 Haley Bonar

Fri 6/20/14 Isthmus Jazz Fest (All Day)

Sat 6/21/14 Isthmus Jazz Fest (All Day)

Thurs 6/26/14 Bluegrass Series: Mad Pole Cats

Thurs 6/26/14 Wild Cub w/ Escondido

Fri 6/27/14 Behind the Beat: Little Margie’s Soul Band

Fri 6/27/14 Natty Nation

Sat 6/28/14 Roots Collective

Thurs 7/3/14 Bluegrass Series: Eric Lambert and Friends

Thurs 7/3/14 Carsie Blanton w/ Briar Rabbit

Fri 7/4/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 7/4/14 Hometown Sweethearts

Sat 7/5/14 Gabe Burdulis w/ Sexy Ester & Beth Kille

Thurs 7/10/14 Bluegrass Series: Sortin’ The Mail

Thurs 7/10/14 tba

Fri 7/11/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 7/11/14 Big Leg Emma

Sat 7/12/14 Maffa Rico w/ Zaramela & Ben Karbank

Thurs 7/17/14 Cajun Strangers

Thurs 7/17/14 Sharon Van Etten w/ Jana Hunter

Fri 7/18/14 Behind the Beat: Charlier Painter

Fri 7/18/14 tba

Sat 7/19/14 F. Stokes w/ Frankie Flowers

Thurs 7/24/14 Bluegrass Series: tba

Thurs 7/24/14 tba

Fri 7/25/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 7/25/14 Madison County w/ Mark Croft

Sat 7/26/14 WADOMA w/ Tani Diakite and the Afro Funk Stars

Thurs 7/31/14 Bluegrass Series: Jack Klatt Trio

Thurs 7/31/14 San Fermin

Fri 8/1/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 8/1/14 Ariada w/ Honey & the 45s

Sat 8/2/14 ROE

Thurs 8/7/14 Bluegrass Series: tba

Thurs 8/7/14 Matrimony

Fri 8/8/14 Behind the Beat: Tim Whalen Trio

Fri 8/8/14 Adelyn Rose w/ Softly Dear Jake & Armerding

Sat 8/9/14 Caroline Smith

Fri 8/15/14 Alison Margaret Jazz Quintet

Fri 8/15/14 Pat McCurdy

Sat 8/16/14 Johnny Chimes w/ The Queenie McCarter Band (Blues Fest)

Fri 8/22/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 8/22/14 Kissers (Irish Fest)

Sat 8/23/14 Whiskey of the Damned (Irish Fest)

Fri 8/29/14 Behind the Beat: tba

Fri 8/29/14 Steez

Sat 8/30/14 John Vietnam Day

Fri 9/5/14 David Gerald

Sat 9/6/14 The Dig


WUD Music Summer Lineup

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 12.13.57 PM

It’s that time again where the sun sets over Lake Mendota and musicians take over the summer stage on The Terrace. Below is our ENTIRE summer lineup, plan ahead, or don’t, just know this summer will be one to remember.

5/24/13  Behind the Beat: John Christiansen Jazz Quartet- Memorial Union: The Terrace

5/25/13  Handphibians + Gomers- Memorial Union: The Terrace

5/31/13  Behind the Beat: Brett Newski and the Corruption + The Thriftones- Memorial Union: The Terrace

5/31/13  Tweed Funk- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/1/13  Roots Collective + Sebeh Tree- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/5/13  Colorphase- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/6/13  Sortin’ the Mail- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/6/13  The Orwells + Twin Peaks- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/7/13  Behind the Beat: Louka Patenaude- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/8/13  Bailiff + The Outfit + The Sharrows- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/12/13  Whiskey Farm- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/13/13  Northern Comfort- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/13/13  Adelyn Rose- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/14/13  Behind the Beat: Cork N Bottle- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/14/13  3 Pill Morning- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/15/13  Natty Nation- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/19/13  Anna Vogelzang + Dietrich Gosser- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/20/13  Cajun Strangers- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/27/13  Off the Porch- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/27/13  Field Report + John Mark Nelson- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/28/13  Behind the Beat: Little Margie’s Soul Band- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/28/13  Mac DeMarco- Memorial Union: The Terrace

6/29/13  Jeffrey Broussard and The Creole Cowboys- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/3/13  Sincere Life + Tefman- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/4/13  Mad City Jug Band- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/4/13  Bassel and the Supernaturals + Vic and Gab- Memorial Union: The Terrace 

7/5/13  Behind the Beat: Louka Patenaude- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/5/13  Wild Child + PHOX- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/11/13  Stillhouse Six- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/11/13  Oberhofer- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/12/13  Behind the Beat: The New Breed- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/12/13  Lowdown Brass Band- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/13/13  Trapper Schoepp and the Shades- Memorial Union: The Terrace 

7/17/13  4 Aspirin Morning- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/18/13  Daylight in the Swamp- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/18/13  Saintseneca- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/19/13  Behind the Beat: El Clan Destino- Memorial Union: The Terrace 

7/19/13  Sidewalk Chalk- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/20/13  EI-P + Killer Mike + Despot + Kool A.D.- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/24/13  Pushmi-Pullyu + Icarus Himself- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/25/13  Boo Bradley- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/25/13  A Hawk and A Hacksaw- Memorial Union: The Terrace 

7/26/13  Behind the Beat: Megan Moran’s + 1- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/26/13  Whiskey of the Damned + The Kissers- Memorial Union: The Terrace

7/27/13  Seabird- Memorial Union: The Terrace

8/1/13  Al Scorch- Memorial Union: The Terrace

8/1/13  Wook- Memorial Union: The Terrace

8/2/13  Behind the Beat: Alison Margaret Jazz Quartet- Memorial Union: The Terrace

8/2/13  Steez- Memorial Union: The Terrace

8/3/13  Pokey LaFarge- Memorial Union: The Terrace 

8/7/13  Land of Vandals + Oedipus Tex- Memorial Union: The Terrace

8/8/13  Sparetime Bluegrass- Memorial Union: The Terrace

8/9/13  Behind the Beat: Composers Quartet- Memorial Union: The Terrace

8/9/13  Maxmillion Dunbar- Memorial Union: The Terrace

8/10/13  Lords of the Trident + Thunderunderus + Beast Warrior- Memorial Union: The Terrace 

A Double Kick Drum By The River In The Summer!

Whoops! I forgot to do this yesterday. I know you have all been waiting with bated breath for the next installment of Club 770: The WUD Music Hour playlists.

So without further ado…

The Eleventh Episode! [download]

  • Bonita – The Pimps of Joytime
  • It’s All Good – Andrew Ripp
  • Family Affair (Sly and The Family Stone cover) – David Ford
  • Fast Forward Regrets. – The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

Requests/Sing-a-long/On Rotation In The Office

  • Trigger Cut/Wounded-kite at :17 – Pavement (for Brandon Clementi)
  • Heartbeats – The Knife
  • Let Go – jj
  • Train Song – Feist and Ben Gibbard (for Peter Allen – IN THE NETHERLANDS)
  • Time – Beach Fossils (it’s new!!)
  • Romeo and Juliet – Dire Straits (excellent to belt out alone in a studio)
  • Thirteen – Big Star (ditto)
  • Heavy Metal Drummer – Wilco (ditto x2)
  • Your Protector – Fleet Foxes (ditto x3)
  • This Town – Whispering Pines (I would sing along if I knew the words.)

Con amor,


xx (I like hugs.)

indian summer

actually i don’t think today counts as indian summer. that only lasts through october. this weather is what i call a miracle. it’s nicer than most of the summer was. as a tribute to the sunshine i decided to post few videos from my favorite summer 2009 albums. enjoy.

radiohead kid a: collector’s edition

blk jks mystery- ep

of montreal for our elegant caste- ep

bower birds upper air

edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros up from below
click here for the video.
sorry you have to go to for the last video but it’s totally worth it.

only 225 days until the first day of summer. how sad. at least it hasn’t snowed yet.

rock on folks,
margaret kaye


I wanted to post something up here. I’ve been meaning to but haven’t had much to say as I’ve gravitated between both busy and lazy days but mostly, countless long nights.

I wanted to provide you, the reader, with music I’ve been enjoying throughout the summer (that I think you should know about):

Toro Y Moi

I first came across Toro Y Moi, like so many other things, on Gorilla vs. Bear. The first song to really grab a hold of me was “Talamuk.” It’s a mellow, bassy dance track that’s a bit chopped n’ screwed towards the end. With another look at the band’s Myspace, I found a set of older songs, “109” and “Ekleton,” which really got me excited. At some point Toro Y Moi made the transition from lo-fi, guitar pop to mostly mid-tempo house. It doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense but either hat fits on Toro Y Moi’s head.

Jap f. Young Dro + Big Kuntry “How We Get”

I don’t really listen to rap music, but I know a good song when I hear one and this is one. I love the lines “Kush is what we smokin’ / Patron is what we sippin’.” This is an all-around, great party track and in some ways reminds me of “Country Grammar.” Call me crazy, if you want.

The Drums

I’ve seen this Brooklyn-based via Florida band twice this summer as they’ve gigged around NYC constantly. They initially took me by complete surprise as I went to go see them on a whim. They have this 80’s New-Wave meets surf-pop aesthetic that I think works for them. “Me and the Moon” is my favorite song by them. It’s as dark as a sunshine pop track about unrequited love could be.


This could be filed under the “guilty pleasure” section but I won’t do it. I unabashedly enjoy this former teen actor’s work. I was a big fan of R&B in elementary school and middle school (even though I didn’t understand half the sexual references made in the music). It always seemed like a natural transition to move from listening to R&B, which centers on soulful musings of unrequited love and being really good at sex, to Emo, which centers on more depressed musings of unrequited love and being bad at sex (?). Does Drake straddle the line? Thanks to Gabe and Peter K. for this discovery.


Lessins is the House project of Toro Y Moi brain child, Chaz Bundick. Bundick puts on his dance shoes for Lessins and doesn’t look back. The song “Lina” is a damn good dance track that doesn’t overwhelm (sorry Gabe and Matt). More music like this should be played at parties because it doesn’t annoy you or force itself upon you.


Ganglians are not for the faint of heart. I’m going to forewarn you that it takes a bit of effort to listen to this band. I think they get their name-sake from the fact that the lead man is tall and “gangly” and doesn’t appear to have an ass. Start with the song “Hair.” It is reminscent of a WAVVES’ track but more psych and a little more thought out. I saw these guys and was in the midst of a food coma while they played their set so I didn’t fully appreciate their performance. I’m definitely going to catch their performance at Forward Music Festival this September.

Little Gold

Another Brooklyn-based band, but they’re not what you think. Little Gold play folk delights not replete of violin or catchy hooks. Take a listen. I promise it’s good.

Other notable mentions: Passion Pit, Miike Snow, Desolation Wilderness, Air France, Patrick Watson, Foreign Born

I can’t think of anything else to give you. This should hold you over for now. 3 1/2 more weeks and I’m back in the homeland. Can’t wait to see some familiar faces and cause a little trouble.

Tell me what you’ve been enjoying this summer- bands, albums, songs, etc.


Getting Green with Paul Cebar

Thanks to Engineers Without Borders, WUD Music was able to bring you a show powered entirely by bike power! As part of the Madison community, we are constantly aware of the impact we have on the environment. But in addition to being conscientious world citizens, we are also committed to bringing you great music, so eliminating the carbon footprint of a show like Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound seemed only natural…


Cebar’s band, the present incarnation of the R&B Cadets and Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans, got the whole Terrace crowd on their feet and dancing with their soulful version of world music. From funk to zydeco, including their “one that sounds like a ska song,” their lively music was the perfect complement to a gorgeous midsummer night.



The best dancers to ever grace the Terrace


Brandon Clementi doing his part

If you didn’t get to hear it, I suggest you do so now.

– Brigid Hogan