Friday at The Rathskeller: The New Trust

Soaring vocals, earnest lyrics, and heartfelt melodies. These elements comprise Bay Area punk rock band The New Trust.

The New Trust, a coed band including members Josh Staples, Sara Sanger, and Julia Lancer, writes love songs. However, according to their bio, their love songs have nothing in common with “other sappy indie-rock bands pouring their hearts out.” Instead, they claim to “have more in common with bands like Shellac, Neurosis, or Party of Helicopters.”

Either way, their music is infectious, and they’re playing for free at the Memorial Union’s Rathskeller this Friday.



Check out the band’s Facebook here, or their official website here.

The band is bringing their hard hitting rhythm section and their endearing vocal melodies to UW-Madison this Friday at 9:30pm

We hope to see you there!