7 Reasons to Subscribe

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Need some convincing? Here are 7 reasons you should subscribe:

1. You will always know when every musical act is coming to your favorite Madison venue (The Sett or Der Rathskeller). Think about this for a minute: you will never miss your favorite artists because of a lack of knowledge.

2. Our subscribers are very special to us, so we give them exclusive content. Things like downloads, videos, curated articles? All yours.

3. The 5,000 people that already follow us know something important; and that is: WUD Music provides compelling content and commentary on the music industry, as well as updating you on all of the free concerts we host at UW-Madison (Memorial Union and Union South).

4. We won’t rent, share, sell, or give your information away. Promise.

5. If you do end up hating our mailing list, you can always unsubscribe. Buyers remorse? Non-existent.

6. Just like our weekly live concerts, WUD Music’s newsletter is free of charge.

7. Studies indicate that WUD Music subscribers are more intelligent, better cultured, and sexier than non-subscribers. Hey, you can’t argue with the science.


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