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The Wisconsin Union Directorate (WUD) Music Committee is an organization through the University of Wisconsin Madison that is devoted to bringing free live music to the UW-Madison campus and the community. Our committee is made up of UW students and union members who book a diverse lineup of popular and up and coming artists for your listening pleasure every weekend.

Tune in to our blog for:

  • Free local concert listings
  • Tapedeck Tuesday playlists (via 8tracks)
  • Weekly artist previews
  • General music news and articles

We’re music lovers, so we want you to up to date with local music happenings as well as the hottest upcoming musicians. Stop by our weekly FREE shows at the Memorial Union (Der Rathskeller or the terrace) and at Union South (The Sett) to enjoy a unique flavor of Madison’s nightlife!

For more info about WUD Music or if you’re interested in joining the committee, check out our homepage.