WUD Music’s List of Lists #6: The Spring 2015 Lineup (So Far)

This is Mod Sun. (Photo copyright by Evan Dell)

This is Mod Sun. (Photo copyright by Evan Dell)

We’re just over a week away from free live concerts picking up again at Memorial Union and Union South, and we have a solid bunch of shows we’d like to share with you. Save the dates!

Friday, January 23rd in Memorial Union – Raura w/ Xoe Wise
Friday, January 23rd in Union South – Pat McCurdy
Saturday, January 24th in Memorial Union – The Racing Pulses w/ Busy Living
Saturday, January 24th in Union South – F. Stokes
Friday, January 30th in Memorial Union – Saturday Looks Good To Me
Friday, January 30th in Union South – Chicago Afrobeat Project
Saturday, January 31st in Memorial Union – The Living Statues
Saturday, February 7th in Memorial Union – Barley Jacks
Saturday, February 14th in Memorial Union – White Arrows
Saturday, February 14th in Union South – A Ferris Ferris Ferris Valentine’s Day (featuring music curated by the one and only Ben Ferris)
Friday, February 20th in Memorial Union – TV Girl
Saturday, February 21st in Memorial Union – JMSN
Thursday, February 26th in Union South – Cakes Da Killa
Friday, March 6th in Memorial Union – Lust for Youth
Friday, March 6th in Union South – Sidewalk Chalk w/ Kiernan McMullen
Saturday, March 7th in Union South – Wave Chapelle w/ Charles Grant and Max Meridius
Friday, March 13th in Memorial Union – Mod Sun
Saturday, March 14th in Memorial Union – Jake Armerding
Friday, April 10th in Union South – Foxygen
Shows in Memorial Union will take place in Der Rathskeller, and shows in Union South will take place in The Sett. All showtimes are 9 PM, except for shows in Memorial Union in February, which will be starting at 8 PM (it’s a pet project!).
Hope you like the list so far! We will be announcing more shows periodically throughout the semester, so make sure to check back here, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter! Peace!



This Saturday: Revelry Music and Arts Festival!

With Coachella out of the way, festival season is officially now in full bloom. So, why not kick off your summer with UW Madison’s own premiere music and arts festival–Revelry!


So why should you go? With five days remaining till the event, here are five reasons why:

1. You’re already a fan of the free shows WUD Music puts on every weekend in the Sett and Rathskeller. But do you realize that Revelry doesn’t last a mere three hours but rather is a rockin’ all-day-and-all-night festival?!**

*12:00PM-10:00PM to be precise

**Who says the party stops at 10? It’s Saturday night people!

2.  Dillon Francis. Waka Flocka Flame. Sky Ferreira. And a sh*t ton of other cool people:


3… And if you have no idea who any of those people are, you should definitely come because you’ll discover new music! Not to mention you’ll gain some street cred with all the hipsters in your bio class

4.  You’re broke or your friends are too cheap? Student tickets are $5. You paid $250 for Lollapalooza. Do I need to haggle you more?!


5. If you really need a better reason, then think about how epic it is spending the entire day parting with your fellow badgers?! Food, Music, Drinks, and Art?!

*5.5 And for those of you worried about the chance of rain on Saturday, all I have to say is: 1. It’s April.. 2. Put on your wellies and rain slickers and pretend like you’re at Britain’s coolest festival, Glastonbury (where it rains like every freaking year).

935644_546344705409233_303141046_nWe’ll see you kids this Saturday at Revelry! Get ready to “revel on their level.” More info can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and their site.



Friday Night at Der Rathskeller: Seabird w/ Briar Rabbit

Friday Night at Der Rathskeller: Seabird w/ Briar Rabbit

Kentucky alternative rock band Seabird will be bringing their rich, melodic, and lyrical music to the Rathskeller this Friday. Here’s what you need to know:

Briar Rabbit, a singer-songwriter from Chicago, will also be there. You should check out his Facebook and his website. His music is described as “romantic melodies and colorfully layered narrative that evoke painfully beautiful imagery through honest lyricism.”


The show starts at 9pm Friday night, and it’s at Der Rathskeller. As always, the show is FREE. If you’d like to hear about more free concerts and happenings, sign up for our newsletter. As a bonus, if you sign up in the next few days, you’ll be entered to win free Comedy Central on Campus tickets!

Saturday Night at The Sett: empires w/ Mutts

Rolling Stone magazine calls them “a big, multifaceted, tower-of-power sound” and writes, “inspired by the independent spirit of 90s grunge, Empires’ music takes the urgency and emotion of that era and reboots it for a new generation.”


Empires, along with Mutt, will be playing at The Sett this Saturday night, all free of charge.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Empires is an alternative rock band from Chicago, IL.
  • They’re music is grungy, independent, confident, and catchy. It’s something that will stay stuck in your head. You won’t be mad about it.
  • A review of their album “Garage Hymns”: “That unbothered, focused approach carries the record’s best moments and gives its duller spots a little extra polish. Here’s living proof that while attitude is fun, it’s a poor substitute for honesty.”
  • Here’s their Facebook page. Here’s their Twitter. Most importantly, here’s their Soundcloud.
  • This song is amazing:
  • Their live shows are incredible:
  • The show starts at 9:00pm in Union South at The Sett. Get there early to grab a pitcher of Spotted Cow and to watch Mutts. This show is going to be incredible; we hope to see you there.

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Saturday Night at Der Rathskeller: Woodsman

Woodsman, a psychedelic rock band from Denver, CO, will be bringing their spacey and eclectic music to The Rathskeller this Saturday night (February 1st).


Their music is, all at the same time, perfect for thinking, studying, or jamming. Their live show is encapsulating, the seemingly perfect sound for the Rathskeller on a cold Saturday night in Wisconsin.

The band is scheduled to release their newest self-titled album on February 4th, as well. Like their past records, it’s already gotten fantastic reviews.

Check out the band’s website here, or get at them on Facebook or Twitter.

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No Les Than Genius

Les Paul brought the future.


As a Wisconsinite, it’s easy to feel outgunned when it comes to music history. We’re surrounded on all sides by music landmarks: Motown to the east, sweet home Chicago to the south, and the birthplace of Bob Dylan (and Prince, I guess) to the west. Meanwhile, the Badger State is known mostly as a musician’s graveyard; Otis Redding (whom I covered last week) and Stevie Ray Vaughan both died in aviation accidents while in Wisconsin. This lesser reputation isn’t exactly fair, because long before Dylan picked up a guitar and Hitsville U.S.A. earned its name, the sound of rock and roll was being invented by a man from Waukesha.

In other words, Michigan may have Mo’, but we’ve got Les.

Les Paul didn’t invent the electric guitar, but you’d be forgiven for thinking he did. With his revolutionary solid-body design, Paul paved the way for the modern electric guitar, and his continuing refinements and innovations perfected the instrument. The Gibson Les Paul is known worldwide as the weapon of choice for guitar heroes such as Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Eddie Van Halen, and many more.

That would be enough of a legacy as is, but Les Paul did more. A legendary guitarist in his own right, Paul mixed jazz guitar with innovative recording technology to create a sound that was all his own. He pioneered the use of overdubbing, stacking and multitracking his guitar until he sounded like a very talented octopus. His recordings with his wife Mary Ford were quite successful, frequently charting and occasionally topping the charts in the 50’s. His sound remains unique, a mix between quaint oldies and proto-prog, both nostalgic and futuristic.

Paul never stopped tinkering with his inventions; his last guitar model was released a year before his death at the age of 94. He never stopped playing either–not after a near-fatal electrocution, not after serving in World War II, not after a car accident that broke half the bones in his body and paralyzed his right arm. He may not have looked like a guitar god (though he could have passed for Larry King’s badass alter ego in his later years), but Les Paul was the godfather of guitar gods.

Top that, Minnesota.

Here are some of Les Paul’s innovative recordings:

“Lover (When You’re Near Me)”

The result of experimental recording sessions in Paul’s garage, this quirky instrumental demonstrates his revolutionary overdubbing technique.

“How High the Moon”

This jazz standard would be one of Paul and Ford’s biggest hits. Paul overdubbed both his guitar and Ford’s voice, creating an ethereal chorus of sound.

“The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise”

Another standard that Paul and Ford had success with, this ballad is a perfect example of the duo’s otherworldly style.

“Meet Mister Callaghan”

Paul and Ford’s singles would usually be complemented by an instrumental B-side. A few of these instrumentals, such as this lilting tune, made the charts as well.


Paul was influenced by Django Reinhardt and Gypsy jazz guitar, and it shows, both in the techniques he used while playing and in compositions such as this one.


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Saturday in Der Rath: Cymbals Eat Guitars w/ Stagnant Pools

cymbals eat guitars

This show is currently topping my “Favorite Band Names of the Semester” list, and with a lineup like ours, that’s quite an impressive feat. But, the (slightly frightening) imagery that the names evoke are most certainly NOT the only impressive things about these two bands.

Cymbals Eat Guitars has a sound that is NOTHING like the musically cannibalistic cacophony that their name suggests. They display incredible cohesion as a band, allowing them to stay true to their indie rock origins while also experimenting with more adventurous ambient and psychedelic sounds. The result is something really inventive, full of interesting hooks and melodies that rarely do what the listener expects.

This complexity is what landed them gigs opening for Lost Campesinos! and playing at Lollapalooza after they dropped their debut album, Why Are There Mountains. After an international tour and a retreat back to New Jersey to record, their second album, Lenses Alien, came out in September of this year. It’s a really interesting listen, with dark and fragmented lyrical lines, that Pitchfork called “a cosmic, philosophical treatise disguised as an indie rock record”. For those of you who like bands that give you something to think about, Cymbals Eat Guitars is your match made in musical heaven.

Stagnant Pools joins Cymbals Eat Guitars on their fall tour, following them all the way from sea to shining sea. The band is made up of a pair of brothers from Indiana, who released their first album, Temporary Room in 2012, right after graduating from college (so naturally they’ll be right at home here in Madtown). They’ve been jamming out since they were kids, and all that practice has indeed made perfect, as their sound has earned comparisons to Sonic Youth and Joy Division and they’ve toured the country with their label-mates, Japandroids. And if these accolades don’t convince you, just take a listen for yourself.

The Rathskeller starts rocking at 9:30, with Cymbals Eat Guitars on at 10:30. And, since you can’t put a price on live music, we didn’t (as with all our usual WUD Music shows, this is FREE).