WSUM and WUD Music Present: The Podcast E01: Revelry Music and Arts Festival 2015


Saying it was easy to get a bunch of music geeks together to talk about music for a podcast would be an understatement. So here we are, with a collaboration between WSUM, the official student radio station of UW-Madison, and yours truly. Check out our preview of Revelry Music and Arts Festival below, and let us know what you think!

DISCLAIMER: The following was recorded in March of 2015, before many details regarding Revelry Music and Arts Festival were available to the public. Commentary throughout this episode is meant to provide an analysis of Revelry’s Main Stage lineup. Enjoy!

TRAP SHOW IN THE PLAY CIRCLE – DJ Sidereal w/ Soundkill3r and Zendro

Do you like hard-hitting, loud, bass-in-your-face trap and hip-hop? Then don’t miss out on this Saturday’s show in the Play Circle Theater! This weekend we have DJ Sidereal along with Soundkill3r and Zendro playing a FREE trap show that’s sure to get the whole building crackin’.

At just 18 years old, Minnesota native DJ Sidereal is taking the world of hip-hop by storm. Having survived brain surgery at the age of 11, Sidereal turned to his passion for music and has been relentlessly pursuing his dreams ever since. Opening for rappers Macklemore, B.o.B, Mike Stud, G-Eazy, Waka Flocka Flame and many more has earned him a reputation as one of hip-hop’s most exciting DJs to watch. Sidereal brings a wild energy to every single show; known for crowdsurfing, confetti cannons and spraying champagne on stage. Playing at every major venue in his home town of Minneapolis has given Sidereal the chance to prove himself as a top-notch performer, earning him a spot on the Paid Dues tour and at Rock The Bells in 2012 in San Bernadino, CA. This exposure has earned him sponsorships from both G-Pen and Young & Reckless, along with the release of his clothing line and a number of hit singles that have reached the top 20 on the indie hip-hop charts. Check out his new mini-film about his journey from Tragedy to Triumph:



Don’t forget to arrive at 8pm to catch Soundkill3r and Zendro! Both student artists here at UW, these DJs are bringing their A-game along with sets full of hard-hitting trap to get the crowd turnt up. Soundkill3r has been producing electronic music since his teenage years, earning him opening slots at Segredo for artists like Cedric Gervais as well as a headlining his own club shows. He’s known for expertly mixing various genres of EDM, crafting sets that get crowds off their feet and lost in the music. You don’t want to miss Soundkill3rs live show this weekend! Head over to his facebook page and hit that like button!



Zendro will be getting the night started with a set full of heavy trap beats that would make Gucci Mane quiver in fear. Also a student at UW, Zendro has been honing his production skills for a number of years. If you like heavy bass and trap, get to the show at 8pm to catch Zendro! Check out his page here:




Saturday, November 15th from 8-11:30pm

DJ Sidereal with Special Guests Soundkill3r and Zendro

Located in the Frederic March Play Circle Theater on the second floor of Memorial Union


of Montreal Halloween Costume Ball!


of Montreal is coming back to Madison for the first time since the grand opening of Union South back in April of 2011! This time they are at the Majestic for their Nightmare on King Street Halloween Costume Ball, and if you remember at all what of Montreal’s show was like last time they were here, prepare to be amazed again. They just released their 12th album, Lousy with Sylvianbriar, October 8th and so far it has gotten great reviews

Pretty exciting, right?

 of Montreal is known for their eccentric and crazy live shows, filled with psychedelic costumes and stage props. Just a little fun fact, last time when they played here, I had to pick up red food coloring and corn syrup to use in their show (in case you were guessing, the combo of the two makes very convincing blood… Halloween costume ideas anyone?)

 And speaking of Halloween costumes, did we mention this is a COSTUME BALL?! As if of Montreal wasn’t enough of a reason to dress in your most creative and wacky garb, but this show is on Halloween night, and is bound to be a spectacularly spooky occasion in many ways.

 If you remember what it was like to their last show here, then I will for sure see you on the dance floor in your best halloween costume at the Majestic this Thursday. If you have never had the chance before, DO NOT PASS THIS OPPORTUNITY UP! You will not regret it.

Friday Night at Memorial Union: Oddisee w/ Klassik and Coby Ashpis

Tonight (Friday, the 4th of October), we’re featuring an artist that has found their niche.

Amir Mohamed el Khalifa, or Oddisee, as he’s known, just released a new mixtape. It’s called Tangible Dream. About the tracks, Oddisee says, “These rhymes were written in economy class seats, these beats were produced on long bus trips & these songs were recorded in airbnb apartments.”

Oddisee has found success on the fringes. His music has a chill vibe with a very obvious influence from early east coast rappers like Tribe Called Quest.

Check it out for yourself: here’s a stream of his latest work.

We’ll also be featuring some local flavor at the Union tonight.

Klassik, of Milwaukee, perfectly complement’s Oddisee’s chill vibe, bringing his own relaxed and lyrical style to the stage. So grab a pitcher, sip slowly, and nod your head to the hypnotic and trancy bass lines of both rappers.


But don’t miss the opener. He’s from Madison. Coby Ashpis is his name, and here’s a live video of him:

Thursday Night at The Sett: Dent May w/ Dead Gaze

“Dear grab me a beer, and sing me a song. I’ll pour you some wine, and I’ll sing along,” Dent May croons on his track, “I Am Alcoholic”.

Make sure you make it out to the Sett this Thursday night (9pm) to grab a beer and possibly hear Dent May play this. He’ll be playing with the self-proclaimed “weirdo pop” group, Dead Gaze.

Both bands are from Mississippi, and both bands will be presented their own versions of quirky southern indie pop.

Dent May has released 3 albums, his most recent being Warm Blanket (2013, Paw Tracks). He has described this in interviews as being more emotional and lonely because of his recording it in a haunted Victorian house in northern Florida.


His previous releases include his debut, The Good Feeling Music Of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (2009, Paw Tracks), and the follow up, Do Things (2012, Paw Tracks).

Dead Gaze has released several albums, their most popular being their 2012 self-titled album.

The album accents their eccentric and dizzy indie pop. Their music is unabashedly weird and undeniably addictive. Their live show is rumored to be transformational.

Don’t miss this eclectic mix of southern fried indie pop music this Thursday at The Sett!

Saturday Night on the Terrace: Lords of the Trident w/ Thunderunderus and Beast Warrior


BEHOLD, the most METAL band on Earth! Or at least that is what Madison-based group Lords of the Trident claims. With an epicly extensive legend on the formation of the band, and musical arrangements that harken back to the 80s metal sound of bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, the question of their being the most metal band in the world at least warrants debate.

In all seriousness, the band is more a parody of itself than anything, and more comparable to Tenacious D (minus the wussy acoustic guitar) than Iron Maiden. I mean, come on. They have a song called “Rapeshore”.

But despite the ridiculousness of their image and the pyrotechnics and confetti cannons, Lords of the Trident is a talented group of individuals playing the music they love and having as much fun as they can on stage. Because of their talent and attitude, they actually have a strong core following from Madisonians. Their most recent release was funded by Kickstarter, and with only 108 backers, they more than tripled the amount of money they needed to fund the project. If that’s not fan dedication, I don’t know what is.

Lords of the Trident will be headlining Saturday, 8/10 at the Memorial Union Terrace. The first stop on their fall tour, fellow metal bands Thunderunderus and Beast Warrior will be providing support. The show starts at 9:00PM, and admission is FREE!

Friday Night on the Terrace: Whiskey of the Damned + The Kissers

Whiskey of the Damned

This Friday night, prepare to experience a show like no other. We’ve got back-to-back Irish-influenced bands performing, ready to immerse you in the country’s culture and the world of rock.

Our featured band of the night is Milwaukee-based Whiskey of the Damned, a Celtic influenced rock group formed by Ireland native and band frontman Eoin McCarthy. Although the band has gone through personnel changes over the years, their Irish punk sound remains the same. Gritty vocals and heavy drums accompanied by a happy violin and accordion make for great pub songs such as “All for Me Grog” and “Dock Boy”. I first saw Whiskey of the Damned when they opened for Dropkick Murphys at Summerfest in 2011, and I have seen them twice more since. I could not be happier with my experiences seeing them. They always put on an energetic show that is simply too difficult to not get into.

The first half of the night’s show features The Kissers, a Madison band known for its frenzied performances and on-stage humor. Their music bridges the gap between indie rock and Irish music.

The Kissers

Whiskey of the Damned + The Kissers
9:00 PM, Memorial Union Terrace
Admission: FREE

Friday Night on the Terrace: Sidewalk Chalk w/ Psymun, Damacha & K.Raydio

Now, I’m a big proponent of “don’t judge a band by its YouTube comments,” but you can’t argue with the one of the highest voted comments on Sidewalk Chalk’s music video for Water Song: “I like the part where it starts. I disliked when it ended.” So says the comment, so sayeth we all. 

Sidewalk Chalk is a hip-hop group unlike any you’ve ever heard before (unless you happened to be at the Terrace around this time last year). Their unique combination of an old-school live brass section and jazz singer with a new-school emcee creates an entirely new and refreshing sound that it’s pretty much impossible not to groove to. Throw in a tap-dancer who views himself as a piece of living visual art to compliment the band, and you’ve got a party. This octet aims to conquer the world and encourages listeners to do the same with their determined (but never heavy-handed) lyrics about social activism and leaving your mark on the world. 

Sidewalk Chalk’s most recent visit to our fair city comes as they’re touring the world in support of their album Corner Storeavailable via iTunes. Additionally, the well-established band has years of musical experience up their collective sleeves that extend far beyond the scope of this album. The entire band has shared the stage with De La Soul, Company of Thieves, J*Davey, ?uestlove of The Roots, and Action Bronson. As if that wasn’t enough, individual members of the group have acted as musical director(s) for Brother Ali, toured with Jazzanova, sung in the Armed Forces, and played behind Buddy Guy and Talib Kweli.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Sidewalk Chalk has been lauded with praise, named “Best Hip-Hop Act in Chicago” by the Chicago Reader, and can count Lupe Fiasco among their many fans. And considering all this, it’s no wonder that Sidewalk Chalk loves performing live, and that live crowds love them right back. During shows filled with dancing, freestyling, inspiring messages, and occassionally even writing new songs right onstage, they continue to pick up new fans wherever they go.

Supporting Sidewalk Chalk is a veritable crowd of up-and-coming artists from the Twin Cities, all of whom are currently working with each other. Psymun and Damacha have an album together, SSV3. One of its last tracks, Hyperghost, gives you a good preview of what to expect. Psymun and K.Raydio also have a collaborative full length album coming out soon, and you can listen to their first single from it, Flight, here. To further confuse things, the song Flight is currently on the SSV3 album and everybody is collaborating with everybody. This trifecta perfectly completes a night so jam-packed full of Midwestern talent that you’ll hardly be able to see Lake Mendota behind it all. 

So come on down and spend your Friday night with some of the best in the biz. We guarantee that you’ll like the part where it starts, and dislike where it ends.

Friday, July 19th, 9:30, FREE

Saturday Night on the Terrace: Trapper Schoepp and the Shades w/ Frankie Lee and Tedo Stone

Trapper Schoepp

In the true spirit of UW Madison, Trapper Schoepp and the Shades are Wisconsin-ites through and through. Trapper Schoepp himself  and his brother Tanner were born and raised in Ellsworth, the “Cheese Curd Capital of the World,” and when they met the rest of The Shades in Milwaukee, they endeavored to make their music, especially their latest album Run Engine Run, “a love letter to their beloved home state.” The band write roots-rock music that is inspired by the blues, rock, and folk that they grew up with. It’s easy to tell when listening to their music that they were influenced by many different genres, leading to their uniquely Midwestern sound and heartfelt lyrics.

The Shades have been playing live since before they were old enough to drink legally in the bars they performed in. They’ve rocked out in all kinds of places, whether it’s onstage with The Wallflowers or Soul Asylum to critical acclaim, or in their first-floor apartment, resulting in a gift of PBR from their upstairs neighbors the next morning. These guys have been relentlessly pounding the pavement in promotion of this third album, and it is paying off. They’re charismatic and powerful as a live band, and have easily picked up numerous fans along the way.

Trapper himself probably sums up the band’s outlook on life best when he says “I’m young, so I look at this as an opportunity to press on and share songs. Right now I have no expectations other than to keep on keepin’ on.”

Frankie Lee, a rocker from Minneapolis with a country twist will support Trapper Schoepp and the Shades. Tedo Stone, a soulful americana singer from Atlanta, GA, will open the show with his special brand of “carpe-diem passion.”

You won’t want to miss this one.

Saturday, July 13th,  9:30 PM, FREE

Saturday Night on the Terrace: Jeffery Broussard and the Creole Cowboys


And now for something completely different. No, we didn’t book Monty Python for the Terrace, sorry guys. But, one thing we always strive for here at WUD Music is finding music that people don’t necessarily expect. One of these spectacularly random finds was Mr. Jeffery Broussard. Hailing from from the self-proclaimed “Zydeco Capital of the World”, Opelousas, Louisiana, Jeffery has been playing in Zydeco bands since his childhood, and is one of the most influential and dynamic performers in the genre.

If you’ve never heard Zydeco music, your mind will instantly and inexplicably be filled with images of New Orleans and sunshine. It’s an iconic blend of the music of the cajun culture and more traditional American blues that so rarely manages to be heard this far north. It’s easy music to dance to, and incorporates accordions, guitars, and washboards. Yes, washboards.

So if you’re ready for an awesome change of pace in your summer listening lineup, come on down to the Terrace this Saturday night to get a little taste of Louisiana, performed by one of the best. Jeffery Broussard and the Creole Cowboys will perform two sets, meaning the party continues from 9:30 to midnight.