Here’s What Happened

Last weekend. (media courtesy of Spencer Wells)

So it was raining like mad for most of Friday, but that didn’t stop anyone from having a seriously good time at Lakeshorepalooza. Dance parties in mud puddles, a mud FIGHT, you know, the usual fare.

For those who survived the afternoon at the Mifflin Street Block Party, Communist Daughter in der Rath was excellent. Check an acoustic set from them out along with some videos of The Goodnight Loving playing in a dorm basement at since I can’t embed video from Vimeo on wordpress.

If I Stay In This Room, They’ll Remember Me For… This Radio Show

CLUB 770 Week 9!!!!!!!!!

Dudes, I flaked last week and somehow managed to sleep through my alarm. So yeah, there was no show. Sorry. But hey, I came back.

I don’t really have anything else to tell you, so here’s the playlist.


Upcoming. (Check our schedule for details.)

  • Every Little Bit Hurts – Title Tracks
  • Breakdown – Sick of Sarah
  • State of the Union – David Ford
  • Fast Forward Regrets. – The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

Other songs and things like that.

  • When You Call My Name – Dawes
  • TiK ToK – Ke$ha (sorry.)
  • Middle Distance Runner – Sea Wolf
  • Ten Thousand Words – The Avett Brothers
  • Shhh – Donora
  • I’m A Pilot – Fanfarlo
  • Vincent O’Brien – M. Ward
  • No One Does It Like You – Department of Eagles
  • Pulling On A  Line – Great Lake Swimmers
  • To Ohio (reprise) – The Low Anthem



Club 770 Returns!

Hey, kids! Club 770: WUD Music Hour has returned for spring semester – now at the much more rational time of 9am Monday mornings. What better way to start your week?

Feel free to join the Club 770 Facebook group!


Upcoming shows…

  • Blind – Hercules and Love Affair
  • Every Little Bit Hurts – Title Tracks
  • Circle Circle Circle – Occidental Brothers Dance Band International
  • The Only Ones – Lookbook

On Rotation In The Office…

  • White Sky – Vampire Weekend
  • Generator ^ First Floor – Freelance Whales
  • To Ohio (reprise) – The Low Anthem
  • Armistice (live and unplugged) – Phoenix
  • Fools Gold – The Middle East
  • Sixteen Is Too Young – The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
  • Bella Donna – The Avett Brothers
  • Fire of Birds – DM Stith
  • Cinnamon – The Long Winters

Hugs and kisses,


Club 770 Week 5

Yet again I hiked over to University Square before 5 AM.

WEEK 5!!!!! [download]

This morning I was almost late, which caused slight stress as I sat down to the boards, but I calmed myself with a little wintertime piece of music on this first day of December…

  • Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros

Sad that I didn’t go to The Majestic last night, a little bit of this…

  • The Lemon of Pink – The Books

Coming up in der Rath…

  • Next Best Thing – Toki Wright
  • Secrets – Headlights
  • Ms. You and Me – Smoking Popes

“On Rotation In The Office” (the fun part!!)

For Molly Lloyd, my boo…

  • Please Read The Letter – Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

For one of my non-Music Committee friends, Eric Carlson, who at this point had been writing a paper for eleven hours, and also informed me that this song is actually about catching kids picking their noses (one of the GBV members was a former 4th grade teacher)…

  • Teenage FBI – Guided By Voices

For me…

  • So Everyone – Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

Because even hip-hop loving Music Committee Director Matt Forrest loves this song and they’re selling out venues like ca-razy…

  • Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes

And the last two were mostly for me, again. Say what you will about the last track. I’m into it…

  • Harold T. Wilkins or How To Wait For A Very Long Time – Fanfarlo
  • The Way I Loved You – Taylor Swift

Love you, kids. Check it next week.


Club 770 Week 4: The Sound of Insanity

So following a really long night at College Library (I’m currently living in academic hell), I had a nice 5 AM trip to WSUM.

This morning’s show had absolutely no organization and was mostly requests and songs I like until I decided to do my job and play some Sunny Day In Glasgow and Common Loon before this weekend.

It’s not worth wasting words with the reasoning behind most of these tracks. A lot of them were requests from my eight online listeners. Ha.

Here. [download]

  • Tenth Avenue Freeze Out – Bruce Springsteen
  • Taking Control – Alberta Cross
  • Taller Children – Elizabeth and the Catapult
  • Old Old Fashioned – Frightened Rabbit
  • Once In A Lifetime – Talking Heads
  • I’ll Believe In Anything – Wolf Parade
  • Hold The Line – Major Lazer
  • Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) – The Arcade Fire
  • Shy – A Sunny Day In Glasgow
  • Dinosaur vs Early Man – Common Loon
  • Stillness Is The Move [cover] – Solange
  • Stillness Is The Move – Dirty Projectors
  • New Morning – Bob Dylan

That’s what insanity sounds like.

back at 5 AM this morning

A whole bunch of hours ago, I dragged myself over to USquare to talk to myself in the WSUM studios. There were at least 4 listeners, which makes it kind of worthwhile.

Here’s what I played! (I am not tech savvy enough to record the show stream, sorry.)

Club 770 Week 2 [download]

Say what you will about the opening track, but I woke up with it stuck in my head. I had to do it.

  • Ok, You’re Right – 50 Cent

The “Upcoming Shows” part

  • Saturday Morning – Real Estate
  • The Sound – Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
  • Telephones – Headlights
  • Next Best Thing – Toki Wright

So Headlights and Toki Wright are both Molly Lloyd bookings, so I kicked off the “On Rotation In The Office” half of the show with a continuation of Molly songs… Dawes, duh.

  • When My Time Comes – Dawes

Okay, so my dad requested the next two. If you got up at 4:45 AM to hear my show, I’d play what you want to hear, too.

  • Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear
  • The Avalanche – Sufjan Stevens

For our lovely promo A.D., JLM Quam.

  • The Modern Leper – Frightened Rabbit

These next two were just for me, so whatever. I’m playing the music. I woke up at 4:22. I’m going to play what I want to listen to.

  • Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  • Once I Was Pretty – The Mary Onettes

And because Zola Jesus is featured in the vocals here…

  • In Earth’s Palm – Former Ghosts

Love you kids.


this is 91.7 fm wsum madison!

If you had happened to be up at 5 AM last Tuesday morning (or Monday night), you could have tuned in to the inaugural episode of the new WUD Music radio hour, Club 770, on 91.7 FM here in Madison, the student radio station. Don’t worry if you didn’t catch it, though, because here’s what I played.

Also, don’t worry, next semester the show will be at a real time.

What I Played [download]

These first two tracks commemorated the real Club 770 (R.I.P. Union South), where both played before they “got big.”

  • Together We’ll Ring In The New Year – Motion City Soundtrack
  • Ghost Under Rocks – Ra Ra Riot

A couple Memorial Union shows of the past…

  • Tiger Mountain Peasant Song – Fleet Foxes
  • Major Label Debut – Broken Social Scene

Some highlights of this semester so far:

  • Here Comes the Sky – Crocodiles
  • Pulling On A Line – Great Lake Swimmers

And now, for fun, “On Rotation In The Office” — what we’ve been listening to around the Union, wishing we could book, obsessing about, and singing along to in our bedrooms… That last one might just be me though.

  • Dreams – Smith Westerns
  • Swim (To Reach The End) – Surfer Blood
  • Let’s Go Surfing – The Drums
  • Love Is All I Am – Dawes
  • Animal (Mark Ronson Remix) – Miike Snow
  • are you still in vallda? – jj
  • Eminent Victorians – Princeton
  • Lust For Life – Girls

You can hear my lovely voice again in a couple days either over the airwaves or streaming on and through iTunes. Or you can just wait and download the file of what I played because you are not masochistic and like to sleep.

– Brigid

    Getting Green with Paul Cebar

    Thanks to Engineers Without Borders, WUD Music was able to bring you a show powered entirely by bike power! As part of the Madison community, we are constantly aware of the impact we have on the environment. But in addition to being conscientious world citizens, we are also committed to bringing you great music, so eliminating the carbon footprint of a show like Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound seemed only natural…


    Cebar’s band, the present incarnation of the R&B Cadets and Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans, got the whole Terrace crowd on their feet and dancing with their soulful version of world music. From funk to zydeco, including their “one that sounds like a ska song,” their lively music was the perfect complement to a gorgeous midsummer night.



    The best dancers to ever grace the Terrace


    Brandon Clementi doing his part

    If you didn’t get to hear it, I suggest you do so now.

    – Brigid Hogan

    While You were Drinking


    Im back, and this time it’s for good. I have recently been granted Leadership over the Blog for the upcoming academic year.  Hurray!  So strap on your party hats guys….

    Ok, enough about me.  Down to business. Let’s recap the super successful show I covered on Friday.


    Seriously though, I’m speaking to the handful of you who actually recall the events of the past weekend, I know Saturday is still a bit blurry for the better part of Madison, but Elvis Perkins in Dearland and opener Other Lives played an awesome show at Der Rath Friday night.  The show was pretty packed.   Lots of familiar faces singing along.  Unfortunately my camera has been on the fritz as of late so I do not have much to offer in terms of visuals, but I will say this….Elvis’s wardrobe was a spectacle in itself.  A few socially curious members of Other Lives even graced us with their presence at a fellow Committee Member’s party later that evening.

     I cannot speak for the condition of your livers (or kidneys) post Mifflin festivities, but over all I’d say this weekend was a success.

    SO to retiring Committee Director Patrick Tilley for surviving his 21st birthday.

     Good luck with finals everyone, don’t get that Swine germ.

     ‘til September: 

    -S. Mintz

    Pics from Diplo

    I’m piggy-backing off of Mintzy’s post with some pics and comments:


    The masses getting down to opener OCD Automatic. Der Rathskeller hasn’t seen shit like this since the 80’s.


    WUD Music’s finest holding it down. Literally, they were holding the table down from the onslaught of Diplo enthusiasts who were making the room and Diplo’s table shake. And as always, WUD Music member Chris Marquard being lewd and obnoxious.


    Diplo himself. Bringing the city to its knees, he kept much of Madison awake through the AM hours and in bed late into Sunday afternoon. Yours truly got to bed around 7am and slept until 4:30pm.

    What did you think of the show? Any crazy stories from the night?